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Breathwork or pranayama is nothing new as they backed their own history in our Upanishads and Vedas. The art of breathing and asana practicing yoga and meditation is the need for the hour. With the increase in the COVID 19, pandemic people are leading a stressful life being afraid in their minds. Those who have had COVID are facing brain fogging issues. Considering such deep problems, it is becoming a necessity to burn out the stress, anxiety and depression from the minds by joining the best spiritual breathing classes

For simple breathing sessions, one does not need any fancy equipment or tools. Our bodies do natural breathing exercises in doing all the routine work every day. With slight awareness and learning the right methods can fix all health issues. The breathing practices stimulate in a positive way which is the natural mechanism of the body. Focusing on deep breathing during the learning sessions like the ancient yogis affects our nervous system and the brain in a positive way. Breathing synchronizes the functions of the nervous system with other parts of the body. 

How breathing exercises creates a physiological change in the body-

Breathing is directly linked with mental functions. Inhaling and exhaling in the right manner doing pranayama and yoga asana will help bring a drastic change in the lifestyle. Going on with the breathing classes online can help relax the mind and reduce stress. The spiritual breathing exercises and techniques of meditation performed by the trainers is not for entertainment but provide a long-run benefit to calm the body and mind. The main reason for joining breathing sessions is to focus on the right steps to learning. The correct methods of spiritual breathing bring along immense benefits like-

  • Helps improve the blood flow- Correct inhalation and exhalation bring movement in the diaphragm removing all the toxins from the body. Once the toxins are reduced the blood flow is channelized in a proper manner. 
  • Breathing act as a natural painkiller- During headache or stress, one can perform spiritual breathing for two to three minutes. By doing this, the body releases endorphins (happy hormones) which reduce the body’s pain.
  • Reduces anxiety- A lot of health experts and psychologists refer to breathing techniques to reduce bad thoughts and nervousness in few seconds. When breathing is done, more oxygen is inhaled signaling the brain to calm down and in turn the heartbeat also comes back to normal.  
  • Increases the energy level- Increased oxygen in the blood means increase in blood flow bringing more energy to the body. Many believe that body-mind coordination is learnt in meditation and breathing classes which boosts the energy.
  • Corrects body posture- Bad posture is directly related to poor breathing ways. It is well observed that while performing breathing exercises during the classes the inhalation straightens the body and in turn the spine correcting the posture. Regular practice can improve body posture.

Besides these joining advanced meditation course are there to learn the profound breathing techniques to differentiate one’s personality from others. The process of conscious breathing makes the mind and body still. 



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