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The crowd-puller television series La Casa De Papel in Spain or the Money Heist at the international level has recently blown away the fandom level of other series. It has created a hurricane in the hearts of viewers by the excitement to hear about the release of the 5th part on Netflix.

A little about Money Heist

The famous series reaching the height of fame is a Spanish heist crime television series and the credit goes to non-other but Alex Pina!
In this series, there is a mastermind “The Professor” (Alvaro Morte) who has prepared two rough yet grand heists including the Royal Mint of Spain and another one is the Bank of Spain, and the best part that readers must keep in mind is; the second robbery being narrated by Tokyo.

Why are we emphasizing Tokyo much? For that, you have to keep on reading this blog to know about the Easter eggs of season 5! 😉

Jumping back to Money Heist – initially, only two parts were intended to be released on Spanish network Antena 3 with the original run of 15 episodes. And with the time frame set from 2nd May 2017 to 23rd November 2017.
But in the late 2017s, Netflix got the global streaming right of Money Heist. From 15 episodes, it reconfigures it into 22 shorter episodes and released them worldwide making millions of lovers! Clever, right?

The first part was released on 20th December 2017. The second part was released on 6th April 2018. Later in April of 2018, Netflix released another 16 new episodes, this time with a higher budget to hit the screens and be the hot-topic of every Netflix viewer by creating so much hype.

Season 3 had 8 episodes and season 4 had 8 episodes as well with the releasing dates 19th July 2019 and 3rd April 2020 respectively. Season 4 has been a real hit and broke all the records that were set by Money Heist’s previous seasons. It had over 65 million views worldwide, Whoa there! Is not that huge? It surely is!

Later Netflix, seeing the popularity of the series decided to release 5th and the most heavy-demand season of all time. The 5th season is released in two volumes with five episodes in each. The first part has been released on 3rd September.

We are sure many of you might have already watched it – keeping popcorns next to you but some of you may not get enough time to watch season 5 part 1 due to their busy routines. Oh not to worry about much – you still have plenty of time to watch this season in the coming weekend. We know the hype is REAL!

The second part of season 5 is expected to release on 3rd December 2021. But sadly Netflix is in no mood to come up with another season. What is more exciting is many spectators are wondering how the producers of Money Heist will wind up the series.

Following the great season 4, how will the producers come up with the series of season 5 by presenting their motives? We know you are one of those who are thrilled to watch the season finale and so we are!!

Getting excited for Season 5?


Getting excited for Season 5

With the release of Money Heist Season 5 on Netflix, we can see a rise of a tsunami of emotional reactions of the spectators. Just a few minutes into the season and you have already experienced several emotions that are present in the world.

As we have seen the trailer of season 5 that was released in August featuring some of the Easter eggs for their viewers by highlighting the caption “Surrendering is not an option.”
Woohoo – it sounds promising!

But wait – have you thought for a second how will you enjoy part 2 of season 5 the most? A die-hard fan watching the last part alone sitting at his home with just a bowl of popcorns and a few bars of chocolates? Nah, does not sound cool.

What can you do then? You can buy some high-standard yet less pricey Money Heist red costume for yourself, your friends, or your siblings who love watching this season. Arrange a big screen in your backyard, decorate it with dim lights to give it a more intense look, and there you go!

Are you interested in knowing more about season 5?
Scroll down dear readers or REGRET LATER!

Easter Eggs of Money Heist Season 5

Easter Eggs of Money Heist Season 5

If you have watched Money Heist only once then there may be some details you have missed. As this television series is brimming with some extra details and we can agree that spectators might have missed some of those.
To get your attention towards these scenes, we have decided to come up with our most favorite Easter eggs of season 5 and some of the relatable ones of season 4!

So grab a ticket of our “Easter Eggs Special” and put on your 3D glasses with us.

We can see three new characters who are introduced in season 5 Including Sagasta, the Commander of the Special Forces of the Spanish Army. He has played an important role in season 5 while the other two include the character of Rafael and the actor Miguel Angel Silvestre is also seen on the big screen.

In the last season, as we have seen things left inside the Bank of Spain but now the things aren’t that same. In the closing parts, Nairobi’s execution was a major hit that created chaos inside the bank.

It is almost going to be 100 days when the gang is inside the bank. They are able to rescue Lisbon but what is more horrific is the professor has been captured by Sierra. The moment when the gang feels as nothing could get worst, they are soon blown by an external enemy and that is the army itself turning a bank heist into war!

Another Easter egg that can be noticed by fans is Sierra herself singing Bella Ciao who is a police officer. So would she be joining the Professor and his gang later? Whatever it’ll happen, we are sure it will be an exciting season filled with unexpected twists.

Later we can see how the Professor recruited Tokyo after her boyfriend died during a bank heist. But we can see snipers shooting at Tokyo as they were with Sagasta’s team – on the other hand, Tokyo’s gang members were fighting against their enemies.

But what the biggest Easter egg is in this season – the death of Tokyo!
It has made viewers cry and they even have expressed their grief on social media. However, what is more confusing, is Tokyo herself narrating the backstory. It is keeping fans in complete confusion whether she really is dead or not!?

The viewers are in complete suspense and are dying to learn about the death of Tokyo as she was shot multiple times. Fans might have been expressing their sorrow but they are waiting anxiously for part 2 of season 5 to confirm their favorite characters’ death.

Wrapping Up


Money Heist Wrapping Up

Money Heist has become one of the top-hit television series of all time. And if we give this credit to Netflix then it would make perfect sense. We know how you were all waiting for season 5 with all your heart! Maybe it could be for Money Heist S04 Denver Jaime Lorente Leather Jacket as you are a fashion freak or the entire series could be the reason! Anyway, we have talked about some juicy Easter eggs of season 5 in this blog that you need to know right away.
Happy Heisting!

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