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Nutritional value checker apps can explore the number of nutrients in different dishes and other food items. Some of them can produce personal meal plans and can count the number of nutrients and their other different values kike carbs, fat, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, salt potassium, sodium, fatty acids, and many more.

Some applications parted the items of food into many other categories like baby food, fats, and oils, fast food, dairy products, soup, juices, and fruits. These categories help you to get food associated with the category. Some applications introduced desi and traditional food like burgers, sandwiches, pulao karahi, and much more. After choosing the dish one can easily find out the ingredients with nutritional value.

  • Ntuitive Calculator:

It is a free nutritional value checker app for Android users. One can easily measure the recipe, nutrients of individual ingredients. After entering the name of the food, the user can get complete information about ingredients and other nutrients values such as iron, vitamin C, carbohydrates, and energy. Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) calculates food for all people of every age group. All you have to do is to mention the gender and age of the person. This application also facilitates the user to maintain the intake on a daily basis but that must be sufficient to meet the basic food values.

  • Nutrition Facts:


This is also free food calculator application for android. It gives you quick results about food values. It has the nutritional value of more than 8700 products. All products are divided into 27 categories to make it easy for users to get their favorite food.  Some categories are based on airy and Egg products, herbs and spices, Fats and oil, and baby food.

After the selection of food, it shows nutritional value by default for a 100g pack. One can easily manually increase the number of selected food items. Protein, Fat, carbs, and calories are the four main nutrients of any selected product. For more details, users have to press food items and can view the calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, vitamin C, vitamin D, fatty acid, and many more other nutrients. The product can easily be explored by just giving the exact name on the search bar.

  • Nutrition Facts by Alireza Sharifi:

This application not only provides you with the nutritional value of foods but also gives complete information on the nutritional value of fruits, grains, dairy products, beverages, Dry fruits, and more. One can easily make a personal food basket and after that can check the nutritional value of chosen products. Just by tapping can get access to the nutritional value of the product like Energy, Starch, Vitamin c, Sugars, Inon, Calcium, and Trans fat, and others. Making a food basket is the best option to avail the opportunity to know about the customized value of products. It also offers to make the comparison of two different products by their nutritional value.

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