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Over 93% of kids in the world have social media accounts that they actively use. They have friends and they love to spend their time on social sites, browsing things of their interest as well as play video games. Parents know their teens use the internet, social media and access many sites that they should not.

Parents have concerns when it comes to their teens and their online safety. What to talk of children and teens, even adults are not safe online. So the concerns of every parent are reasonable. This post is going to help out parents to increase the online safety of their teens. They should also use a parental control app to improve their online safety and smart parenting of the digital generation. Below are a few tips in this regard.

Start Discussing Online Safety

There are several ways to protect the online safety of teens and one of them is to start discussions about it. Every concerned smart parenting of the digital generation who believes their teens need better guidance and protection should sit with their teens and talk about the safety concerns.

Parents should educate their children about online scams, security concerns, digital threats, risks of sharing too many details, and the like. Regular discussions at home about the use of the internet, social media, and some other sites as well as gaming apps will increase the understanding of teens about safety issues.

Dot it Faces to Face

What many parents do is to check their social media use, browsing history, and other stuff in the absence of their children on their phones and other devices. These types of parents don’t like to discuss things with teens on their faces. Experts believe if you can’t do it face to face, never do it online.

Parents should talk to the children and sit with them. Listen to their issues and talk about how unsafe their teens are with the use of the internet and social sites. Examples from research studies on teens will convince the teens and they will become more careful about their online safety. With time, they will realize how harmful or dangerous it can be to share details on the internet.

Educate Teens About Online Threats

Another thing parents can do to protect the online safety of teens is to educate them. Parents know their children better than anyone else so they should talk to them when they believe it will be effective and fruitful. Children listen to their parents and the debate can be useful.

Furthermore, parents should guide the children about online threats to teens. There should be an example of how people suffered when they be befriended by strangers and shared private information. This can be helpful to help children learn they are exposed to serious online threats.

Use BlurSPY Parental Control On Devices

Nowadays, most devices like cell phones, laptops, and tablets come with parental control features. The devices allow parents to restrict the use of apps, websites, and the internet on the phones and tablets of their children. All unwanted websites can be blacklisted.

These features are useful for every parent because they can feel relaxed. Moreover, parents should get safe devices for the teens and that can protect them online. Low quality and cheaper devices are not safe and they don’t offer too many online safety features. Teens can access all sites they want and can get rid of security measures.

Use an Android Spy Software to Sneak Into Their Hidden Activities

Apart from the features offered in phones and tablets, parents can also use Android spy software. There are many applications available and they do amazing monitoring of the teens. There are many useful features. Gps location tracker, tap incoming and outgoing calls, check internet and browsing history, access multimedia and gallery, prevent calls from unwanted numbers and similar features make these apps effective for parental control.

However, while choosing such an app the parents should be careful. Many fake products are also available and they cannot do effective monitoring and have many serious issues. They can prove harmful for the teens as well parents.


Online safety of children should be the top priority of parents these days because teens are facing serious online threats. They are not safe and share too many details on social sites that make them vulnerable to predators and other people. Parents with effective guidance, education as well as the use of BlurSPY parental control apps can protect the online safety of their kids.



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