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Remember those days when someone said how you can’t visit a temple or offer your prayer because you are menstruating? Even if you haven’t faced something like that, such myths and misconceptions wildly exist in different parts of the globe, where menstrual hygiene is still a blurred concept.

Menstruation is an important bodily phenomenon in all-female primates that is essential for a thousand reasons as we know it. Then why is it considered shameful to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene and ask questions like what is a menstrual cup? Well, let’s find out!

Stereotypes deep-rooted in the society

The most evident cause of the widespread misconceptions and myths are the half-baked tales that are passed on for generations among women. Women are supposed to be calm, composed, and modest. Talking about their privates or menstruation isn’t just seen as inappropriate among women, it is a symbol of disgrace for their values and an insult for the culture. However, the ancient rituals were just the opposite.

Our ancestors used to honor the joy of womanhood and celebrated festivals for women’s coming of age phase. Women are subdued under years of stereotypes due to which period hygiene awareness remains a distant dream.

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The fear of losing virginity

In the 21st century, women believe in the concept of virginity still. Using a convenient, safe and eco-friendly option such as a silicon menstrual cup is frowned upon because women have to insert the reusable period cup in their vagina to collect blood. The concept of women discovering their bodies or switching to a more unorthodox option causes fear of losing virginity.

This shouldn’t be the case as virginity is an imaginary notion. The hymen is more of an elastic tissue that never breaks or gets torn, it just stretches. But alas! The lack of sex education and awareness regarding menstrual hygiene has compelled women in believing that their own body doesn’t deserve their attention, as they might lose their virginity while doing so.

Using something new is always inconvenient

This is true for everything including the clothes that you buy. So why not give period hygiene and menstrual cups a chance? There is no denying that using a menstrual cup can be a bit tough for the first or second time, but once you get the hang of menstrual cups, trust us, there is no turning back to disposable period products. 

The bottom line

The patriarchal world always wishes to veil the reality of menstrual hygiene while stating how it’s impure and unimportant. However, menstrual awareness goes a long way in preventing the root cause of a wild range of life-threatening diseases that may lead to cysts or cancer in the later future.

Asking questions like what is a menstrual cup and how it works can be a lifesaver in controlling your period flow, preventing leakage, and creating a more sustainable environment. So, opt for a silicone menstrual cup instead of disposable pads and tampons and incline towards better ways of maintaining menstrual hygiene.

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