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If you ever feel lonely in your life, then you must surround yourself with plants because they are our true friends. You can buy plants online and decorate each and every corner of your house along with some lovely plants. The best part is that there are many plants that beautify your house. Besides that, they also provide peace to us. Thus, making us feel better.  When it comes to counting the benefits of plants, there can be endless benefits. As it is known to all, plants can perform numerous functions and help sustain our life.

Besides that, they can also be our friends who can help us feel better. If you are a plant lover and you want to get more plants in your house, then you must have a look at our list of Sun-loving plants that will make plant care easy despite having a busy schedule. 

Aloe Vera

You can grow aloe vera in your backyard or on your terrace and enjoy the beauty of this Hardy succulent. It has many benefits for the beauty industry as well. You can apply the aloe vera gel on your hair or use it as a face mask cream for nourishing your face and scalp. Besides that, you can place it near the window of your room to beautify the look of your house. 


Crotons can help you bring a range of colors to your house; you can get lovely shades of yellow, green, orange, pink, red, and white by bringing the lovely crotons into your house. Although they tend to share a love for the Sun, many varieties of crotons may not like the bright Sun. Therefore, you must ensure your warmth, humidity, and moisture in the soil. 

Mother in law’s tongue

Popularly known as the snake plant, the mother-in-law’s tongue is a great air purifier. You can get it in your house to get rid of the harmful chemicals that are produced by the air conditioners that you use. Besides that, it can also remove the harmful substances that are present in the air going to our furniture or carpet. 

String of pearls

Popularly known as the chain of pearls, it is a trailing succulent that looks the best when placed in hanging baskets. You can add beauty to your windowsill, balcony fence, terrace or ceilings by bringing this absolute beauty to your house. The plant has little green balls that resemble a pea, and the cutting of the plant can be used for propagating more plants. Thereby making it easy to get more and more plants with less investment. 

Jade plant

You can buy an online Jade plant for your house and get this succulent for adorning the look of your house. The round, thick leaves of jade plants make it absolutely beautiful to see. Also, they require low maintenance on the part of the plant parent, thereby making it ideal for plant lovers who are lazy at taking care of the plants that they got. You need not worry about finding an ideal corner for the Jade plant because it loves the Sun, and you can place it in a bright sunny area of your house. 

Birds of Paradise

If you want to give the touch of absolute beauty and elegance to your house or your garden, then you must bring the tropical plant birds of Paradise that have colorful flowers that resemble Flying Birds. You can place them in humid and warm areas of your house because they love such conditions for their growth. This beautiful plant will bless you with beautiful flowers of white, yellow, orange, purple, and blue colour. 

Basil plant

Basil or the Indian Tulsi is found in every household. Even though people might not be aware of the name yet, they might be aware of the varying symbols associated with the tulsi plant. You can get a Basil plant for your house and place it under the direct sun as it can grow well despite the hot climate. You must ensure regular watering of the plant. Basil leaves are an excellent remedy for cold, cough and sneezing. 

The list can go on without any pause because there are so many plants that can bring more charm to your house and be placed under the bright Sun for every plant that requires sunlight for its growth. You can bring any plant as per your choice and place it in your garden, your balcony, your living room, or terrace or any part of a house. You can also choose trailing vines of money plants or bougainvilleas for covering the fence of the wall of your house. Thus, making it look beautiful. 

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