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The main reason people prefer Invisalign over other types of orthodontic treatment is that Invisalign aligners are less noticeable than traditional metal braces. The trays or aligners are made from transparent plastics instead of the metallic and shiny metals used for conventional braces. This is why they are less likely to be noticed even when you are talking or standing very close to a person.

However, that doesn’t imply that Invisalign does not influence a person’s dating life in any way. You should consider these when dating with Invisalign.

Invisalign can boost your self-confidence

You may ask, how does Invisalign influence your confidence? It does this by straightening your teeth actively. The teeth are the most visible things when you love, smile, or talk and can be a grave concern for people who do not have straight, bright teeth. A crooked smile is one of the most prevalent things that hurt a person’s self-esteem, thereby making them less comfortable and confident to talk to people or interact with others, especially those they are interested in.

Invisalign takes away all these insecurities. So, instead of being too shy to communicate with the person you are dating or interested in dating, you will find yourself more confident to approach them and take the bold step.

Invisalign is less conspicuous than the metal brackets and wire braces

Why is this important? Though Invisalign is less pronounced than the traditional metal braces, it is not totally invisible. These trays are made from clear plastics, and when properly maintained, it can be very difficult for people to observe that you are wearing anything on your teeth.

However, people with trained eyes will still know that there is something in there. The trained eye we mean here is a person treated with Invisalign or is currently undergoing the Invisalign treatment. So, they are therefore unlikely to be put off by the fact that you have your aligners on.

With that said, most of our patients tell us that unless they told someone directly that they are wearing Invisalign, people do not even notice that they are wearing aligners.

Invisalign can make it a bit challenging to talk normally

During the first few weeks of your treatment with Invisalign, your mouth will be adjusting to the new aligners, and you may notice that you talk with a lisp.

Your teeth and tongue will need some time to get used to the new obstacle that has been introduced to the mouth before they start flowing normally with words. This is why children with growing teeth usually develop the lisp because their tongue and lips are just getting used to forming words with strange objects growing in their mouth. However, with a bit of practice, you should be able to get rid of the lisp.

If you have sympathetic ears around, call them for an hour or so to listen to your conversation and help you overcome the lisp. Doing this will make you more self-conscious when speaking in public. This lisp situation cannot be avoided by going for metal braces since the two are still foreign objects introduced to the mouth.

Keeping the Invisalign clean

Our patients mostly complain that they get bad breath from their Invisalign aligners. This can be a reason dating is difficult with Invisalign. However, it is not impossible.

This bad breath with Invisalign can be avoided by constantly cleaning your aligners. If you wear the aligners in and out without cleaning them, they will preserve unhealthy bacteria for your mouth and dating life. So before starting your treatment with Invisalign, ensure that you develop a strict cleaning routine to help you avoid the smell.

The Invisalign trays will mostly be in your mouth all day, but you should make out some time while brushing your teeth to clean your aligners. Remember that you must not use your toothbrush or toothpaste to do this as they can be abrasive to the transparent plastics, thereby making them look cloudy and more noticeable. Also, scratches will create channels to house bacteria. Using suitable products daily to clean your Invisalign aligners will repel bacteria and keep your smile great and fresh.

You have to be aware of what you eat or drink

For most people, dating is done by sitting down for a meal, coffee, or drink with their date. This means that you should create a system that makes you more comfortable removing your aligners before drinking coffee since coffee is one of the most common things that stain aligners. When they are stained, they become more noticeable.

If there is no way to take off your aligners during the date, just drink water. However, if you must take something other than water, take a walk into the bathroom at the cafe, restaurant, or bar to remove aligners.

Always remember to place them in a safe case in your purse or bag so that they do not get broken or misplaced.

Dating is easier when the result is achieved

The early stage of treatment with Invisalign makes it a bit awkward to date. However, when you get used to the aligners and have a perfect routine for cleaning them, putting them out and wearing them back, you will realise that having straighter teeth with Invisalign Treatment makes dating a lot easier and more fun. Completing your treatment with Invisalign means that you will have more aligned teeth, which will make you more confident than you were during the treatment.

Even without Invisalign, dating can be a bit tricky. However, metal braces don’t make it any easier. Going for dates during your treatment with Invisalign is an excellent way to straighten your teeth while still staying up in the game.

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