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What are the most common Water Damage Causes? Answer: There are various causes for water damage ranging from flooding, pipe bursts to leaky pipes. However, if your house has recently suffered water damage, then it’s important to identify the cause of the issue to prevent the same problems from arising in the future. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common causes and the water damage restoration services that can be provided after each occurrence. To help you better understand, read on.

Sewage spills 

If your house suffers water damage because of a sewage spill or other large spill, call inexperienced technicians from a reputable water damage restoration service right away. Professional sewage technicians can easily dry any standing water using a pump and then use a water extraction machine to suck up as much water as possible. They will also make sure that all damp items are removed from the immediate vicinity.
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Leaking pipes 

The next thing you need to do after water damage is to identify the source of the leak and contact us today. This is perhaps one of the most common reasons for leaks in residential homes. Any leaking pipe carries dangerous contaminants like chemicals, solvents, grease, and bacteria that can harm both you and your family. In this situation, a water damage restoration company should be called immediately to help you assess the damage and find the
root cause. These companies can also recommend solutions for any water leakage problems in your house such as new plumbing or drying the area to eliminate the water contaminants. For larger water leakage issues, these companies may also recommend the use of a sump pump to remove contaminated water completely.

Structural damage 

If your water damage clean up company finds structural damage in your home, they will take photos and measurements to determine the exact location of the water break. Once this is determined, they will recommend either fixing the damaged pipe(s) or removing them so you can start drying the building. If you do choose to have the structure repaired, the water restoration company should be able to help you with the cost of removal and
installation. They will also ensure that the structure is safe for occupation and easy to pass on to
your family.

The use of dehumidifiers 

If the water damage clean-up company finds that there is water leaking in your home because of excess of humidity, they should recommend a dehumidifier to help you get rid of excess moisture quickly. A dehumidifier reduces the level of humidity in your home by replacing water and air-based pollutants with water. This appliance works best in conjunction with a high-efficiency radiator, boilers, fans and condensation control devices. Once
all of these appliances are functioning properly, the dehumidifier can be turned off and left to dry.

Final Term:

The most important thing about water clean-up is to act promptly. If you have the services of a damage restoration company in your area, their first step may be to suggest that you make structural changes to your home that will prevent future water damage. From that point, they can assist in the drying process and in the repair or replacement of items that sustain damage.

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