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Preschools, which are becoming increasingly important in today’s technology-driven environment, are gaining ground in the education market and are becoming increasingly popular among parents. Thus preschool franchise has become a lucrative business venture.

An Overview of the Preschools &Daycare Industry

The preschool market in India has been increasing steadily for the past few years, with a CAGR of more than 20%. According to some industry insiders, the unorganised sector currently accounts for more than 90% of the total market, with the organised segment accounting for approximately 10%. On the other hand, the organised market is expanding at a tremendous pace, with annual growth rates exceeding 45%.It takes anywhere between 12 and 24 months to break even with an investment of 7 lakhs to 20 lakhs and a minimum 2000 square feet area before the business is profitable.

Preschool Franchises

Catalysts for Economic Growth

The primary driving causes for preschool franchise are:

  • Greater parental awareness.
  • An expansion in the quantity of nuclear families.
  • The number of working moms and families with two incomes in the country.


#1 Increased Parental Awareness

When the educated and ambitious millennials become parents, it is likely that they will want their children to be well-minded from an early age and will go to great lengths to ensure that this happens, leaving no stone unturned. When it comes to their children’s pre-primary education, today’s parents seek ways to give them an advantage over their peers. The results of a scientific investigation revealed that 90% of the development of the brain’s ability takes place before the age of five years. It is simpler to instil values, morals, and fundamental education in children between the ages of 1-6 years. This is the point when the need for best preschool franchise in India becomes apparent.


#2The Number Of Nuclear Families Is Increasing

As previously said, the unorganised market has been in control of the segment for a very long period. Grandma, grandpa, and grannies were the folks who could be counted on to look after the children. However, families are increasingly fracturing over time because of employment, increasing the number of nuclear families. The lack of older people in nuclear families makes it more difficult for parents to care for their children, so they choose preschools for their children in these situations. Because of the increasing number of nuclear families, preschool franchises have seen an increase in enrolment, significantly boosting the market.

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#3 Working mothers & Families With Two Sources Of Income

Modern-day women are breaking the taboo connected with working after having a child because most of them continue to work in their fields even when they become mothers-to-be. It is one of the most important elements driving the growth of the preschool industry. Preschools are becoming the leading choice for parents who want to provide a safe environment for their children while pursuing their professional goals. Another advantage of dual-earning families is that enrolling their children in preschool becomes considerably more affordable for the parents.

Hence, opting for the low investment preschool franchise for a business venture will undoubtedly render great returns on investment.


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