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2020 was an unusual year: the Covid-19 pandemic had a strong impact on daily life, online behaviors, and new technologies. The data published in the Italy Digital 2021 Report help us understand how the digital world has changed over the last year.

The Report, created by We Are Social in collaboration with Hootsuite, has reached its tenth edition, once again confirming itself as a point of reference for the analysis of data on the use of social media and the Internet.

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Also new technologies of mobile devices and e-commerce.

Social media:

67.9% of Italians use social media, that is 41 million people.
98.2% of Italians access social media from mobile.

In January 2021, over 2 million new users were registered on social platforms, an increase of almost 6% which reaches 41 million. Furthermore, the time spent daily by users on social networks is almost two hours.

As for the behavior on social platforms, users claim to be more involved and participatory: the number of people who declare to have actively participated in the online dialogue increased by 4 percentage points, jumping from 81% in 2020 to 85% registered. ‘year.

The most used platforms are the Facebook and Google ecosystems: YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook all exceed 80% of adoption, followed by Instagram and Messenger. Interesting is the growth of TikTok, the use of which has doubled, and the entry in the ranking of Telegram, a messaging platform that makes privacy its spearhead.


83.7% of Italians use the internet, that is 50.54 million people.
In Italy, on average, we spend 6 hours and 22 minutes online, 3 hours and 18 minutes in front of the TV.

In 2020, over 1 million people connected to the internet for the first time: an increase of 2.2% that makes us pass the 50 million mark.

But what are Italians doing online? The periods we spend enjoying audio content (one in 4 people regularly listens to podcasts ) and gaming (over 4 out of 5 people play, regardless of their favorite devices) continue to be relevant, also by virtue of advances in infrastructure technologies that have led to increases in average connection speeds of 11% for mobile and 29% for fixed.

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Mobile devices

97% of Italians own a smartphone.
In Italy, 73.2% of people shop from mobile.

Smartphones are present in the pockets of almost all Italians, while 3 out of 4 people use desktop or laptop computers. The possession of consoles is also growing, even in a year in which the first next genes were released, and the penetration of smart home devices into Italian homes almost doubles.


In Italy, we spent 24% more than in 2019 on the consumer goods macro-world.

The propensities to buy online are similar for all age groups from 16 to 64 years. Before the actual moment of purchase, the social elements deriving from interaction with others and the opinions of others remain extremely relevant, whether they are on consumer review sites, real social platforms, Q&A services, or forums.

Also, and especially this year, the We Are Social and Hootsuite Digital Report 2021 provides useful data and tools to better understand the 2021 trends of the digital world and user behavior. Now it’s up to us professionals in the sector to make good use of it!

Do you want to deepen the topic? Find the full version of the Digital Report 2021 in Italy here!

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