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When a user converges on your website, you only have just a few seconds to make an impression on the mind of the customers. If you’re able to make an impression in the mind of the customers, you are then able to grab the attention of the customer. Digital marketing managers are always in pursuit of lowering the switch rate of your website. If you have a lower switch rate, it means you can retain more customers and can make them your loyal clients. The website interface is the face of the website in front of the user, when he is doing a transaction on a website, the most important thing is the website interface.

Bigcommerce SEO experts suggest it is better to improve your user interface consciously and make it easy for customers to navigate through your website. If a website has a user-friendly interface the conversion rate of this website boosts tremendously. A user-friendly interface can be one of the most crucial factors for making a transaction happen easily. Users normally do not wait for a longer period to switch the website of your competitor.

In this article, we are discussing how the interface of a website is critical for the conversion rate.

How you can make your website more interactive:

The easily understandable user interface(UI) is the best way to convert your website traffic into your customers. A well-defined user interface makes communication between you and the user easily understandable. If the user understands the whole concept of your product and service within a short time, you can say it is a user-friendly interface. 

The user-friendly interface(UI) can boost your digital marketing efforts. Now there is a big question: how to make your website interface(UI) more interactive, so it can convert maximum traffic into your profile customers. 

The website UI interface should be interactive and attractive at the same time, some websites do need colors and style, so by adding these features in a way, the interactivity of the website won’t be compromised. 

You can divide the User Interface of your website into three portions:

  •  Information architecture of UI 
  • Interactive design of UI
  • The visual design of UI   

Information architecture:

The whole functionality of the website depends upon the Information architecture, you have to place the content of the website in a way that users can navigate through the website with quite ease and with minimal effort. There are three main components so the Information architecture:

  • Hierarchical (The level of importance of the for your content)
  • Sequential  (Logical steps, in which user navigate through a website)
  • Matrix ( How user would rank your content category)

Examples of Information architecture:

In the informational architecture, there include the Navigation buttons, tabs, icons, keywords and terminologies, search features, etc

Interactive design of UI

The main purpose of the Interactive design is to turn the passive readers of your website content into an active participant, you need to create the User Interface(UI) by keeping the user in mind, If you are running an e-commerce store, you can add some special social media groups for the interest of the user and get information about the various upcoming products of the company. The interactive design of the UI should be like that, it can find no difficulty in navigation from one page to the other and back to the home page.

Examples of the Interactive design:

  • The structure of the website should be like that, users should find it interactive, and find all the information about your product and services easily.
  • You can add social media groups created by you for user interest, and add some upcoming products and the exciting features of these products. 

Visual design of UI:

The aesthetic of your website should be attractive and interactive. Effective design of the website makes a lasting impact on the user. You can utilize the effective and unique style of font, color scheme, videos, and interactive and attractive images that can grab the user’s attention. The user is usually fed up by reading long passages and paragraphs, so add the features like video, interesting and interactive images. The visual effect is necessary for the website related to fashion, glamour, games, etc

The Interactive design of the UI keeps the user’s login on your website, otherwise, it can switch to another website. In these most, the customers are using the mobile phones to search for a product and service. You make your website easily browsable for mobile devices.

Example of the visual design:

Contracting colors, white spaces, typography, mobile optimization. 


User Interface can significantly increase or decrease the traffic on your website, so add the three types of features in the user interface, which should be Informational, Interactive and along with them also add visual effects which grab the attention of the user, so your bounce rate becomes minimal.


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