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If you are an employer and you want to know android tracker will help you to track your employees. Most workplaces have no office dating rule. I was unable to understand the basic logic until. I witnessed a whole bizarre scenario regarding this. A team member was a playboy and was messing around with two of the competent female team members. He made each one of them think that she is her one and only girl. He is pretty serious about her. Finally, both have some sneak peek of his activities but as they say. Love is blind they both thought that the other one is trying to come into their love life. The result was what other colleagues pretty much described as a catfight. Both of them had harsh arguments. They even didn’t back up each other in an important presentation for a project.

Both of the ladies are very competent, hardworking, and professional people in the department. The loss of the project makes us all realized that how petty and personal matters and sometimes mistakes of others cost us things we cherish the most.

The cold war will be there for a long time but at least they still sit in the same department and that is what is enough. This incident opened the discussion between us department heads that how the clumsiness of one person is destructive for the whole team and department.

Lets discuss Track Employees With Android Tracker

Employee monitoring is a necessary measure in every business or organization. With so many distractions in the form of the internet, smart gadgets, social media, cybercrimes, and more it is kind of important to have a trustworthy security app in your organization to take care of the business. Evaluation and assessment are part of a routine in any kind of company. Whether you work in a private or government organization, run a business or anything monitoring of employees tells you a lot about the daily and overall productivity of the organization. How much an employee is loyal and involved with the company matters tells you a lot about their sincerity and affiliation with the organization.

Employee Monitoring

Now we know where there are good people, there are bad ones as well. Relieving the bad ones just because they are in a team of good people .or making things difficult for good, hardworking employees who unfortunately got stuck in the bad team is unfair and unjustified. A hardworking man needs encouragement and promotion, on the other hand, bad employees must be answerable for their deeds. Employee monitoring android tracker can help you with that by providing quality service. If you ask why to use technology when you can use the custom ways. I will say that I think it is time to say goodbye to custom ways of evaluation and assessment of employees as that involve biased opinions, time taking procedures, waste of resources and we don’t even know how much authentic they are.

We are going to discuss some of the features of the android spy app that can help you evaluate your employees more authentically and efficiently.

Here are some of the features and how you can use them in your business or organization as an employer.

Screen Monitoring: To Find Who Work The Most and Least

The screen monitoring feature can let you know about all of those employees who work the most or least at the workplace. Yes, some people look busy but do nothing productive and the OgyMogy android tracker can help you track them remotely. You can make surprise random visits to the target screen and know about the content with this feature.

Real-Time Screen Visits: Timeframe Is important For Certain Projects

You can also manage the worksheet about time spent on certain projects by different teams by using the real-time screen monitoring feature. The feature keeps the record of employees’ screens in the form of videos and screenshots.

Track Internet Browsing History: Who waste time on Web

With the internet browsing history feature, you can know about the web activities of the target employee. Employer can get reports about what kind of websites are visited by your employees during working hours.

Keylogging: Cybersecurity

Keylogging keeps a record of all the keystrokes applied to the target device. The Every activity of the target employee device that involves a keypad can be recorded and saved for the user by using the OgyMogy android tracker. You can know if any conscious and unconscious act resulted in a system hack or anything.  You can even track any spy who tried to share confidential information with outsiders by using the keylogging feature.

Email Monitoring: How the Employees Manage Workload

Keep an eye on people who are responsible for online correspondence. As it is one of the most sensitive areas in any company. Use the email monitoring feature and know about sent, received drafts. Even attachment history details as well of the employee. Make sure no one dares to share any form of a confidential document through email with irrelevant people.

Social Media Monitoring: For Monitoring Of Digital Marketing Team

Digital marketing is part of the modern-day advertisement. Use the thorough social media monitoring feature and monitor the marketing teamwork like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, in every aspect with the OgyMogy android tracker. 

An important thing to remind here is that it is completely legal for employers to monitor the employees through the company-owned device.

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