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Importance of unique shapes of custom boxes:

People are still unfamiliar with the various shapes of packaging as well as custom boxes. That is because products are usually delivered in square or rectangular boxes. However, that is not the case anymore. In fact, the new way of packaging and shipping says do not use squares. It means that there are many different shapes of packaging out there. So, why choose the simplest one? Modern packaging also offers shapes like oval or triangles that are not that commonly used. So, what are all those shapes? Here is the list of the 25 shapes of boxes that you can choose for your custom packaging. 

We will start with the basics shapes and designs, then further go into more advanced and creative ones that are derived from the basics.

Box Packaging:

No matter what is appropriate in a box. Also, when most people consider packaging, that is presumably what rings a bell. In any case, boxes don’t need to be exhausting. 


A common yet effective shape is a rectangle. It has the capability to fit all kinds of products. Plus, you can try different experiments with it in the term of designing and printing 


Triangle packaging with custom design works amazing. It can be used for bigger items as well, like shoes. However, these sorts of boxes are also getting popular in the cosmetics industry. 


An oval shape is new in the game of shipping but does not worry, and it has taken the game by storm. There are several creative tricks you can use with this shape.

Broken Egg: 

Go a little creative by taking the oval shape up some notches. A broken egg is a normal oval shape with a different lid. It comes open like a broken top part of the egg. 

Full Candy: 

This is also similar to the oval shape; however, the difference is the packaging way of it. You have a candy-like opening on both sides of the product. 

Half Candy: 

While the full candy is more popular, half candy also looks great. The only change is that the opening of the candy is either on the top or bottom, only in one place.

Full Circle: 

Circular packaging designs are also quite popular. They can be used for cosmetics, foods, and accessories. Circle-shaped packaging also comes with divisions, if required. 


Half Circle or Ark-shaped packaging is used for cosmetics and food items mostly. However, you can increase the use by adding more creativity. 


Square is the go-to shape for packaging. It is effective as well and keeps the product safe. But, it is too simple. 

Square Handbag:

Handbags are popular in the shipment business. They are usually made of Kraft. Square-shaped handbags are great and can be used for a variety of products.

Square with Uneven Sides: 

The most common example of this is the box of a ring or watch. They have uneven sides and fit the aesthetics of the product well. 

Small Body with Large Lid: 

Some Squares have smaller bodies with full covering lids. This is usually the case when the bed is flat; it makes the lid casing easier and better.

Noodle Box: 

Noodle boxes are always famous because of their simple shape. They have a crystal-like structure that falls into the square category too. 


Get your packaging to the diamond status with a diamond-shaped box. It looks good with several colors and patterns too.


Sending a gift to your loved one? Make it special with a heart-shaped box that is perfect for flowers, chocolates, etc. These are available in cardstock material with custom designing. 


Sometimes the item is soft and small that can be rolled into smart packaging or custom boxes that are made from cardboard or corrugation sheets. 


Similar to a roll package, a cone is also used for smaller and soft items. This is used with vibrant and colorful designs and looks more attractive when placed at the retail counters. 

Flat Bed Square:

While many people confuse it with the rectangular, it is not. A square-shaped package with a flatbed is its own design and is used for the packaging of various products.  

Paper Roll:

While the ordinary rolls do look good, you can have a paper roll shape for larger products as well. That is because it is a thinner shape.

Plastic or Cardboard Can:

A can used for soft drinks is quite popular; however a cardboard can for packaging is lesser-known. It is good for food items and shipment of liquids.

Rigid Coffee Cup:

A rigid rectangular might be more famous, but a rigid coffee cup design is even better. Thanks to the extra textures of cardboard which gives it several more plus points.


No matter the size of your product, you can always deliver them in cylinders. They come in all sizes to fit all kinds of items. Basically, the round products like the cookies and macarons look impressive inside these boxes. 


It is a great idea to deliver a product in a house-shaped compact box. Not only does it looks cool, but the space management is just fantastic.


Nothing beats the cool look of an item being unpacked from a capsule-like packaging. It is good for clothes and other small size objects.


All the above-mentioned packaging shapes are available in the market. However, if you choose the custom packaging boxes, then the vendor allows the customers to choose the packaging design and shape as per their needs. That is why it is assumed that the custom packaging options are great for the branded products. In addition to this, the shapes that are discussed in the article are just a few basic shapes, and there is also a number of shapes available for the customers.



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