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Turkey is one of the world’s major jewelry producers, and its ancient association with sterling silver and the artisan jewelers and silversmiths who work with it is part of what distinguishes Turkey as a global jewellery destination

The blog post will polish your ideas and knowledge about the importance of Turkish jewelry and many more.

Many monarchs of the Ottoman Empire patronized guild members and craftsmen known as the Ehl-i Hiref, and this rich and old relationship has always been at the heart of the culture in what is now the Republic of Turkey. 

Silver trays, bowls, and ornate boxes were all manufactured by these artisans, in addition to silver jewelry. Turkish design jewellery is incomplete beyond Silver in it. Experts look for better sets of jewelry in more reinforced jewelry collections. 

This blog is about how silver is so important in Turkish design jewelry. In order to fuel this love and enthusiasm for exceptionally exquisite decorative goods, the imperial policy included the exploration of areas rich in silver and other precious metals. 

Many of these came from the Ottoman Treasury, but some were also given to the Sultans as presents. The oldest piece in the collection is a spherical tray with Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent’s signature, which was made famous in pop culture thanks to the world-famous program The Magnificent Century.

From the beginning of this country’s history to the present, silverware and jewellery can be found. The Topkapi Palace Museum’s silver collection includes 2,000 silver artifacts dating back to the 16th century. If you are seeking modern designs, take a stroll throughout Istanbul’s famous jewellery districts and various jewellery hubs.

Throughout Anatolia, you will be able to see contemporary jewellery designs and metalwork. Despite its high quality and affordability, Turkish silver is not simply for the millions of visitors who visit the country each year, as the country uses 200 tones of silver each year. 

Many classic silversmithing techniques, such as ornate silver niello, filigree, and wickerwork, have been reinvented in Istanbul’s Grand Bazar and have now become synonymous with the Turkish jewellery industry. There is a different technique all together that serves the Turkish designs well crafted and measured in good price ranges. It is known as Niello. 

Niello is a technique and black texture that involves a mix of sulfur, copper, silver, and lead that are used as an inlay of the engraved as well as the etched metal. It is especially silver that rules the world of Turkish jewellery. When it comes to full image it is relatively low. 

Niello is a technique for creating intricate patterns and detailed artworks by separating tiny hand-painted enamel works with silver and other precious metals. Turkey has it all, whether you are seeking antique silver pieces or contemporary silver designs.

Filigree, which includes an artist welding fine silver wires together over other pieces of metal and is commonly used to produce earrings and brooches, has been a popular way of manufacturing jewelry for generations. If you are looking to buy Turkish jewelry online, we prefer to be your prime choice. 

Wickerwork gets its name from the way silversmiths weave wires together, much like a wicker basket or chain. It is most typically used to make earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Thanks to all the combination of historical artisan workmanship and a current passion for silver.

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