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Taking stress can tire you out instantly. From making you anxious to doubting your potential, stress never lets you explore yourself completely. As a result, you might get depressed and live a monotonous life. However, there is a natural remedy. Yes! Practicing yoga for stress reduction is one of the best ways to flush out stress from your system.

You should think beyond physical asana when it comes to yoga practice. Let’s have a glimpse of different yogic techniques you should practice to release stress and anxiety out of your mind. Read on.

Yogic Techniques to Release Stress

Yoga Asanas

The physical yoga postures, also known as yoga poses, play a crucial role in releasing stress. Some of the best and simplest poses of yoga for stress reduction are as follows:

1. Child’s Pose

One of the best stress buster yoga poses, the Child’s pose calms your nervous system. Moreover, it relaxes your mind and body so that you feel at ease.

2. Corpse Pose

The Corpse pose is a perfect finisher for a yoga session. It soothes your body’s high rate of performance that leads to better recovery and health.

3. Easy Pose

Practicing the Easy pose aligns your spine in a straight line that ensures the easy flow of energy in your body. Hence, it refills your energy cycles that lead to stress reduction.

4. Bridge Pose

From improving your lower back to massaging your neck, the Bridge pose works on your entire body. It also makes your core strength that leads to a fast metabolism.

5. Legs Up The Wall

When it comes to the release of fluids from your legs, nothing works like Legs Up The Wall. It removes stress and muscle fatigue not just from your legs but from the entire body.

Meditation Practice

Stress also makes a home in your mind when you live life on autopilot mode. It is because you are not stopping by to observe and perceive things in life. Have a look at different types of meditation that you should practice daily.

Breath Meditation

In this type of meditation practice, all you need to do is focus on your breath. That’s it. However, make sure you should also consider the gap in two breaths. That helps you focus more and be in a perfect flow while practicing breath meditation.

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Mindfulness Meditation

The art of being present in the moment is mindfulness meditation. It talks about only the present and that too the second at hand. Hence, regularly practicing this meditation keeps stress at bay since you learn not to indulge in anything that stresses you out.

Walking Meditation

If your work demands to be on your feet for the entire day, then the walking meditation is perfect for you. You can either be conscious of your steps or the way you walk. Hence, it is one of the best forms of mindfulness techniques to relieve mental stress and tension.

Mantra Meditation

Chanting mantras is yet another beneficial meditation technique of yoga for stress reduction. Concentrating on different mantras improves the mental focus that helps you keep unwanted things at bay that does not allow stress to settle in you.

Deep Breathing

Breath is a life force that is the essence of everything in this life. Practicing deep breathing exercises calms your mind and helps you focus on things that are important at the moment. A few deep breathing exercises are as follows:

Anulom Vilom

When you breathe in from your one nostril while blocking the other and breathe out from the other while blocking the first, that is Anulom Vilom. It pushes fresh air into your lungs that improve the overall level of oxygen in your body.

Box Breathing

The time to breathe in is equal to the time to breathe out. Not just that, while practicing box breathing, you also hold your breath for the same time as you breathe in or out. It is a perfect breathing technique to relieve stress and anxiety.


Yoga for stress reduction also has visualization, sound therapy, Ayurvedic massage, pressure points, yoga mudras, and much more. However, what you should focus on is yogic techniques that you can practice daily and that too without any hassle.

Make sure you make a simple routine of yoga practice to reap all its benefits. Over time, you gain mental peace, perfect physical health, and a calmer soul.

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