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The human body is a marvel of some fascinating mechanisms. You have 72000 nerves, not to forget the countless muscle groups, different organs, and joints. Now imagine having the complete information on how to tap into the hidden potential of each of these. That is what learning yoga helps make possible for you.

Yes! Yoga can help soothe and stretch your body without impacting the functioning of any of the muscles or joints. For this to happen you must have an in-depth understanding of the human body. This knowledge helps you avoid many injuries that occur due to negligence. The understanding of the human body including its various movements and mechanisms is known as yoga anatomy.

However, you might question-

Why Should I Study Yoga Anatomy?

As stated above, yoga anatomy helps you perform an asana without risking an injury to your joints, muscles, or ligaments.

However, there is a lot more than yoga anatomy does. Given below are some reasons why you should study yoga anatomy.

1. It Empowers You

Someone once said – knowledge is power. Similarly, with in-depth knowledge of the working of human body you would be able to practice yoga without risking an injury.

2. Helps You Go Deeper

Learning the functioning of different muscles, joints, and spine helps you practice yoga with safety. With no stress on the mind, you are able to connect with your spiritual self without any hassle. This also helps when you plan to become an RYT in the near future.

3. Makes You Humble

Remember, even the best yogis have certain limitations. Learning yoga anatomy helps you realize the uniqueness of your body. This offers an incredible and humbling experience.

4. Makes You Inquisitive

As a yoga practitioner, you should know the reason behind practicing a specific yoga technique. Learning yoga anatomy makes you inquisitive and question everything in life. In the long run, this is exactly what helps you form a new perspective towards your surroundings.

However, for you to understand yoga, there are certain parts of yoga anatomy you must understand.

5 Things To Know About Yoga Anatomy

Given below are five things you must know about the human body as a yogi.

1. Major Bones

Your body has 206 bones, and these are further divided into long and short bones. As someone who wants to learn yoga and be good at it, you should know not just the major bones in the body. It is super important for you to understand the structure of your spine, as it provides support to your entire body.

Moreover, acquiring knowledge of all the major bones would help you know which yoga asanas work on which part of your body, and which bones are at risk of injury during yoga practice.

2. Major Joints

Joints refer to the structural attachments between the bones, and these are most vulnerable to an injury during yoga practice. As a yoga practitioner, you should know about the movement of all major joints and their degree of rotation. You should join the 200 YTT to know about different joint movements like flexion, extension, and rotation under a yoga expert’s guidance.

3. The Muscles

Every yoga asana focuses on one muscle movement or multiple ones at the same time. It is vital for you to understand which muscles are used during a particular yoga asana. This helps you put the right muscle to use during yoga practice.

4. Structure Of The Spine

The most important part of your body, the spine, deserves the utmost attention. The spine provides solid support to your entire skeleton. There are many yogic poses that require the rotation of your spine. Therefore, you must know about the different bones, discs, and nerves passing through your it.

This knowledge helps you practice yoga without any injury, especially if you suffer from a chronic back problems or any back-related injuries. If you want to become an RYT, understanding the spinal structure is not something up for debate.

5. Body Alignment

The slightest mistake during a yoga asana practice can end up becoming a serious injury. Therefore, you must possess in-depth knowledge of body alignment. Having this knowledge ensures that you do yoga with the correct body alignment.


Do you want to dive deeper into yoga practice and unlock your hidden potential? Register with a certified yoga school’s 200 YTT program and learn everything about yoga anatomy.

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