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It is predictable that your skin needs a bit of pampering at all times. It needs water to maintain the glow, and there are several products to meet this requirement. Most of the skincare products out there intend to either moisturize or hydrate the skin. There is a subtle difference between these two things, which is important to consider.

Therefore, this article is here to explain to you the important differences between a moisturizer, oil, and a cream. Follow it till the end, and you will be picking your next skincare product knowledgeably.


Moisturizer can be blended with face moisturizer cream and lotions. The lotions with moisturizers are basically combinations of some oil, was, actives and water. Hence, that makes it easy to spread over the skin, and is absorbed pretty quickly.

The major role of the moisturizer is to lock the moisture content within the skin. Most skincare moisturizer products have some active ingredients, that is just like the cherry on the cake. If you are willing to take concern for anti-aging, dark spots, or acne, then a moisturizer is what you need.

Apart from that, if you are experiencing dry skin conditions, then you need moisture to lock in there. And in that case, get an oil-free moisturizer that can work well upon it. The moisturizers are also helpful in treating oily skin, as they have no humongous contribution of excess oils in them.


Face Creams are also a form of moisturizer and mostly have the same ingredients in them. But, the catch is that, the oil & water blend is in a 50-50 proportion. And for that, they are thicker in comparison to the moisturizer lotion. Creams are more powerful in terms of moisturizing the skin!

And for strength, people should use such face moisturizer cream only once or twice a day. But the facts say that, it is better to use the cream products in the cold months, only if you are going through dry skin conditions.

Just like the moisturizing lotions, it is easy to spread the cream over large skin areas, without making it feel heavy. Unlike lotions, you need to put in a little more effort to blend the cream over your skin properly. It will ensure that the absorbing pace of the skin increases.


The facial oils are a collective blend of some select oils, which intends to hydrate the skin and doesn’t have any water content in them. But remember, these products are not the same as that of the elixirs or serums, as they have water in them.

Oils are a must-to-use for the aging skin, as the oil hydration effect intends to maintain a youthful appearance. There is nothing to hesitate while applying the oils onto oily or acne skin. These oils won’t do any harm to your oily or acne skin type! But yes, some specific avoidance is essential. For instance, acne skin types should prevent using comedogenic oils, like coconut.

Which Product is Best to Use for Skin Care?

There is nothing to get confused about picking the right skin care product, as you can always go for the best and unique one. Kiehls has brought you the best Vitamin C Serum, which comprises 12.5% of Vitamin C Ampoules & Hyaluronic Acid. It goes by the name, Kiehls Clearly Corrective Accelerated Clarity Renewing Ampoules. 

It is meant for treating dullness, uneven skin tone, and other skin concerns. Using it consecutively for 14 days will rejuvenate your skin to give it a soft and bright look.

It is time for you to give your skin the glow and glam it deserves!

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