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Certifications verify that you have skills and knowledge in a particular field. Similarly, AWS certification is undoubtedly one of the most coveted credentials among professionals validating their skills for excelling in cloud operations.

Nevertheless, IT certifications can help you achieve more professional credibility in a specific technology. It will also provide more value to the organization you are working for; almost all the certifications can be a feather in your cap.

Value of a Certification

Certifications are a good return on your investment of time and money. They can also expand your pool of opportunities. The best certifications are a simple way to distinguish yourself and stand out in the job market among the competition.

Certifications give current and potential employers a feeling that you’re delighted about the work and willing to go above and beyond. In addition, cloud computing certifications provide you with the skills to work according to industry standards.

These certifications on your resume can also make you earn brownie points and help you with increments and job promotions. It also allows you to seek better opportunities. There are several certificates available in cloud security to select.

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AWS Certified: Solutions Architect – Professional

Amazon Web Services is a popular cloud platform in the market. Being certificated in AWS cloud solutions can help you obtain a role just about anywhere. In addition, the AWS certification program teaches you how to design scalable applications on AWS.

Specifically, the Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certification teaches you how to protect your infrastructure from DDoS attacks, implement encryption, manage multiple accounts and move large amounts of data.

If you’re a networking professional with a minimum of 1 year of experience creating and implementing cloud environments, this certification is perfect for you. As companies of all sizes use Amazon Web Services, AWS training and certification will provide you with vast knowledge and skills to design and implement distributed systems on AWS.

Microsoft Certified: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

With cloud skills in high demand, fundamental cloud training and certification have become essential. The Microsoft Certified Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification certifies your knowledge of cloud concepts and Azure.

The foundational certification for Azure is the AZ-900 exam and is perfect for those with both technical and non-technical backgrounds. The exam covers the fundamentals of cloud computing, Azure pricing SLAs and lifecycles, core Azure services. You’ll also cover the fundamentals of security, privacy, compliance, and trust as they relate to Azure.

It’s a solid certification to get you up to speed with fundamental Azure knowledge. In addition, the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals certification has no expiry, so once you obtain the certificate, you do not have to worry about its renewal.

Google Certified Professional: Cloud Architect

The Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect is considered a popular entry-level cloud certification. This certification provides you with all the skills and knowledge required to work with the numerous technologies in Google Cloud.

In this exam, you are tested based on designing, creating, planning, and managing secure, robust, dynamic, and scalable cloud solutions for a company.

Furthermore, the GCP certification exam will also judge your ability to design services and apps on the cloud to amend and explore various business processes and proficiency in software development methods.

However, GCP Cloud Architect is a valuable certification and is the best Google Cloud certification, especially for professionals planning to pursue a career as a Cloud Architect.

AWS Certified: SysOps Administrator

The AWS SysOps Administrator is an AWS certification course for professionals with one year of working experience as a System Administrator of operations, management, and deployment. Furthermore, the AWS certification exam will improve your competency in implementing and controlling the data flow and identify the best use cases of AWS operations, including choosing an AWS service depending on the requirements.

Often, professionals such as Operations Managers, System Administrators, etc., choose this certification to develop their expertise and gain certification. However, if you are a programmer or a developer who wants to scout and diversify your skills, you can opt for AWS training and certification.

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It is advisable to opt for this certification if you have over one year of working experience in auditing and monitoring systems. These also include expert knowledge in networking and virtualization, an understanding of security concepts, and practical experience with API tools, AWS CLI, etc.

AWS Certified: Developer Associate

The AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification is designed for cloud computing professionals working in development. Professionals must have one or more years of experience developing and maintaining AWS-based applications.

AWS certification exam will test your knowledge of programming languages, AWS core services, AWS architecture best practices, and application lifecycle management. It’s also essential to know the development, deployment, and troubleshoot of cloud-based applications on the cloud. You should also have the ability to write codes for serverless applications.

There are thousands of certifications available for professionals to develop and enhance their skills. You can opt for AWS certification or any other credential outlined in this post to increase your job opportunities and stand out in the competition.

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