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What is a ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings are a form of clear polymer resin. It is a thin, protective coating that is typically applied over paint to make it last longer and protect it from scratches and other damages.
It is a type of nano-composite coating which includes ceramic particles in the formula. This paint coating has been around for more than five decades and has been proven to be an immensely effective way of protecting automotive paint from a wide range of factors including scratches, corrosion, and oxidation as well as the environmental factors that could lead to the surface paint becoming eroded.

Ceramic coating is a thin protective layer that goes over the surface of your car and has many benefits. The coating can be either sprayed on like paint or applied like a wrap.
They provide a tough barrier against corrosion and rust, as well as providing an added layer of gloss to the paint. Ceramic coatings are not permanent; you can remove them yourself with some rubbing alcohol if you decide you want to go back to your original paint color.

Ceramic coatings also provide protection from UV rays, scratches, dings, and other daily wear and tear. It also performs as a great filling agent for minor blemishes such as swirls, but that would depend on how severe they are too.

What does a ceramic coating do for your car?

It is a long lasting coating that protects the paint from UV rays, scratches and other environmental damage.

Coating a car with a ceramic coating – the process:

A ceramic coating is a clear and tough automotive paint protection that can be applied to your vehicle. It provides high-level protection from UV rays, scratches, and other environmental damage, keeping it looking new for years.. It is applied as a liquid that then dries to form a hard and durable layer of protection on the paint. The cost of having your vehicle coated with this type of paint protection will vary depending on how much work needs to be done and the skill level of the technician doing it.

Ceramic coatings can help to protect your car’s exterior paint job from the environmental hazards that are found outside. A ceramic coating is a clear, durable, and flexible synthetic wax that provides protection against the elements.

There are two types of ceramic coatings: Clear Coat and Solid Coat. Some will offer two coatings whereas some will be a high density single layer, both are equally as good as each other.

The Solid Coat is the best option for those who want to preserve the natural finish of their vehicle. On the other hand, we recommend Clear Coat for those who want to maintain a new-car shine and look for minimal effort.

Both of these types have their own benefits so it’s up to you which one you prefer!


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