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You might think that yoga is just a physical practice that includes asanas and breathing techniques. However, the ancient art of yoga goes much deeper than that. There are mental and physical aspects like the mindful repetition of certain words or sounds. In other words, mantras are also a major major part of every yoga practice.

Mantra chanting is used as a spiritual tool in the majority of cultures and traditions around the world. In yogic lifestyle, mantras are a Sanskrit word that initiates a positive transformation in your mind, body, and spirit. These can be a single word or a string of words chanted to invoke certain spiritual qualities.

Yoga Mantras – A Brief Intro

The word Mantra is divided further into two parts, namely Manas which means mind, and Tra which means instrument or tool. However, that is not all. You should enroll in certified yoga teacher training to learn all about this spiritual aspect of yoga.

Do you know about the different types of mantras utilized in a yoga practice? Read further to know.

Three Types Of Yoga Mantras

Yoga experts have come up with three different mantras that help you dive deeper into yoga.

  1. Bija Mantra

You can use Bija mantra individually, but these are mostly combined with a Saguna mantra to provide them a special power. Moreover, Bija mantra correlates to the seven Chakras and all the main deities of yogic culture.

  1. Saguna Mantra

This mantra invokes the form of individual deity or the personalized aspects of God. With regular practice of this mantra, you can invoke the actual form of the specific deity. You should enroll in a certified yoga teacher training In Rishikesh to learn everything about this mantra.

  1. Nirguna Mantra

These originate from the ancient Vedic texts and thus are the oldest among all three types of mantra. There is no deity invoked with this mantra, which makes them a bit difficult to interpret as they do not have a specific meaning.

Nirguna mantra is known to have an association with the entire creation and it also contains the fundamental knowledge of the yogic philosophy.

Do you know about the benefits of mantra chanting in yoga practice? Let us find out.

4 Awesome Benefits Of Mantra Chanting

Yoga experts have come up with four major benefits of mantra chanting during yoga practice.

  1. Stimulates The Endocrine System

While reciting the mantra, pressing your tongue against the palate of your mouth stimulates the thalamus, hypothalamus, and pituitary gland. The palate has 84 meridian point out of which 64 are in the hard palate and 20 in the soft palate.

The vibration in the hypothalamus controls the actions of your pituitary gland and the endocrine system. This vibration also releases hormones that balance your body and provide it with healing.

  1. Helps Release Emotions

Emotions that you find hard to accept become a part of the self that is judged a lot. These emotions cause sensations in your body which you either develop an aversion towards or crave too much.

In both ways, you reinforce this pattern which is not a good way to live. However, mantra chanting offers you a great way to let go of this reaction to the sensation through heart and throat chakras. In short, releasing the trapped emotion improves your power of self-expression.

You should enroll in a certified yoga teacher training in Rishikesh to understand everything about yoga mantras.

  1. Helps Improve Your Attention

The moment you sit down to meditate is when your mind starts jumping from one thought to the next. It is what makes it difficult for you to focus on the practice. However, including a yoga mantra into the session distracts your mind from unending chatter and focus on the mantra.

  1. Aligns Your Vibrations

Do you know that mantras carry the power to re-arrange your molecular structure? Yes! Every sound has a different vibration and this is what gives every mantra a different effect.

Moreover, with so many thoughts and feelings running through your head, it affects your consciousness. Mantras work to adjust this experience through subtle vibrations.

There it is! The beginner’s guide to mantra chanting and how these can help you enter a deeper state of your being.


Mantra chanting is a powerful technique for you to get closer to the divine within. You should enroll in a certified yoga teacher training in Rishikesh to learn this spiritual technique of yoga.

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