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The evolvement of technology has led to the rise in the usage of electric automobiles. These vehicles are convenient and affordable to use. One just has to charge it up after using it. There are public charging stations but owning your charger far outweighs the charging cost. You just need to look for different ev charger manufacturers to buy the best one. Here are the following tips that will help you to buy EV charges.


  • Knowing the type of charging power your vehicle needs

    : It is the first important factor to be considered before buying the charger for your electric vehicle. Different electric automobile chargers have different capacities to charge the vehicles. The power required depends on the onboard charger which is inbuilt in the electric vehicle and usually ranges from 3.7 kW to 22 kW. There are generally three types of electric vehicle charging- Level 1 (20-Volt), Level 2 9240 volt), and DC fast charging (DC Quick Charging).

  • Knowing the types of plugs your vehicle has: To decide which model of the charger will be apt for your electric vehicle you should be aware of your car’s model and what type of plugs are installed in your vehicle. There are two plug types- type 1 and type 2. An electric automobile having type 2 plugs allows the vehicle to use a charger with a permanently connected charging cable. In the case of a type 1 plug, an electric vehicle can’t be charged with the same charger. To charge the electric car with the same charging station you will need the right adaptor which is highly costly.
  • Know what length of the cable is: The next factor that affects the efficiency of a charger is its cable length. The cable having a longer length will make it convenient for the users to charge the electric automobile. See to it that cable running from your charger to the electric car is manufactured using bad conductors to protect from getting a shock especially during the rainy season. 
  • See if the electric vehicle charger is UL certified: electricity can be harmful to anyone. It is important to check whether the charging station is UL certified or not. The UL-certified charger is always tested for safety beforehand by the Underwriters Laboratory. Not having the mark of UL doesn’t imply that the charger is not safe, it’s just that it has not been tested beforehand. Despite the charger being UL certified make sure to keep your children and pets away from the charging station.
  • Installing outside or inside of the house: Decide whether you want to get the charging station installed outside or inside the house. Installation of a charging station inside the garage will provide a warmer temperature to it which will allow it to work better, especially in winters. But if you do not own a garage then you can get a charging station that is manufactured for outdoors. Also, check the installation cost in both cases.


Several electric vehicle charger manufacturers are manufacturing different models of the charging station. With the help of the above-given tips just select the best one for your vehicle.


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