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As soon as we hear of western hats, automatically, the figure of Indiana Jones comes to our minds. While a cowboy hat’s usual purpose is to guard the ranchers against harsh sunlight and other factors without being blown away by the wind, now we often witness celebrities wearing it and flaunting the style impeccably well. But when we try to incorporate the style or imitate our favorite star, we sometimes overdo ourselves. What looks good on them does not necessarily mean will look good on us too. We forget that and mess up things while trying to create that macho look. The best way you can avoid such a blunder is to opt for customizing your western hat. Here are some of the things you need to consider for accomplishing the task.

The fit:

Imagine you are wearing your favorite designer. But the dress is not an exact fit. Ask yourself – will you really enjoy wearing and showing off such a dress? No, right? The fit of a dress matters. If you get the wrong one, everything falls out of place. The same is true for your hat. You walk down a fabulous hat store, and your eyes get drawn towards an exquisite piece. You fall head over heels in love with it. But wait! First, try it out and see whether it fits you or not. If it does, do not hesitate to buy it without a second thought. But if it doesn’t, get it out of your mind. That hat was not for you.

You will be lucky if the milliner offers you to make the same hat customized with your exact crown size. In that case, make sure to give the measurement properly. If it turns out to be too tight, you might get a hat headache. And again, if it becomes large, it will fall on your forehead, and the whole look will fall apart.

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Use of accessories:

A cowboy hat looks somewhat incomplete without a hatband. Western hats look impeccably well with these bands. When a hatband was introduced, it was meant to make the hat sit perfectly on your head. It also served the purpose of covering up the stitch that the hatter used to sew up the crown and the brim of the hat together. As days progressed and the sense of fashion evolved, hatbands became a must-have headgear accessory for hat lovers. Western hatbands are a much sought-after hat decorative item. If you have a cowboy hat but do not possess a matching hatband, you are cheating yourself as you will not look your best wearing the hat. The different hatbands that you can choose from are –

  • Concho western hatband
  • Beaded western hatband
  • Braided horsehair hatband
  • Feather western hatband
  • Snakeskin hatband
  • Leather hatband
  • Metal hatband

Choose wisely, as everything you put together will depict your sense of style and bring out your personality at the same time.

Other than hatbands, you can use headbands, pins, brooches, thin fabric belts, etc. The possibilities are infinite but see to it the fusion falls in place. A cowboy hat has its own enigma. Whatever you choose to accessorize it with, it must not hinder its macho look.

The material

A western hat is a much-loved possession. It’s an extension of the wearer’s persona. So, choosing the right material for your hat becomes crucial. The most go-to options are the felt or the straw. Beaver and rabbit fur are used to make felt hats. For making high-quality straw hats, Mexican palm leaves are used. Now, both have their pros and cons. Felt traps heat but is water-repellent. On the other hand, the straw allows the breeze to pass through it but cannot bar the penetration of the harsh UV rays. A straw hat comes with an affordable price tag, whereas felt western hats are expensive. Other material options are leather, wool, and suede. Depending on your preference, pick the fabric you want.

The style

A well-made cowboy hat has a story of its own to tell. It weaves in the personality of the wearer, blending in the attitude and the attire as well. The entire look speaks for the person exhibiting the style. So, before selecting the right hat style, you must be aware of yourself, what you like, dislike, and most importantly, how you want people to perceive you. The popular western hat styles you are likely to encounter are –

  • The Gambler
  • The Derby
  • Pinched Front
  • Brick
  • Boss
  • The Gus
  • Tom Mix
  • The Montana Crease
  • The Cattlemen
  • Nevada
  • The Dakota


Choosing the perfect hat needs precision. If you think all these are too much for you to follow, the best thing you can do is visit a physical store and try out the different hat styles to check what suits you the best and purchase accordingly.

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