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The years have been challenging for almost every kind of business, other than medical, pharmacy, and groceries. Retail stores suffered the most, while eCommerce grew like never before. As per a survey, 90% of companies saw their online sales increase by a significant amount! But then, there were 5% of companies who didn’t notice any such drastic change, and the other 5% stated that their eCommerce revenue has decreased.

Now, if 90% of them say they saw a substantial business boost, what makes the remaining 10% contradict? It’s probably got something to do with lack of effort or lack of good practices. And, if you are unfortunately one of the 10% group, you should certainly find out where you’re going wrong. The best way is to hire an eCommerce website development company in India and have them check what’s going wrong on your site. They’ll be able to identify the errors and drawbacks to fix them up immediately, and will also be able to update your site as per the latest trends and algorithms.

However, we’ll still help you know some easy tips that can help boost up your sales. So, you can check on them, while you decide on choosing your eCommerce partner.

1. Product images

The most important thing about an eCommerce store is the products, and how you portray them is of utmost importance. You need to have high-quality images for each product, possibly taken from every angle, in and out. Giving your visitors a complete look across and into your product with clear images can help them understand the product better. But, make sure you optimize your images in the best possible manner.

2. Product descriptions

As much as clear product images are important, unique and attractive product descriptions are essential for each product too. A complete description can help visitors understand every facet of your product, clearing all their doubts and queries. You must thus include every specific detail about the product like the dimensions, weight, color, features, price, etc.

3. Product videos

Along with adding words to your product description, you can make it even more interesting and attractive by adding some visual interest, such as a video. You can add a product video that can demonstrate the benefits of the product, its features, as well as how it can be used. Adding a video has proven to be increasing conversion rates, as it creates a great impression in the consumer’s mind, having them almost experience the product.

4. Top selling products

You can highlight your top-selling products to show your customers what’s selling the most on your site. This will add more interest to your popular products, thus increasing sales.

5. Structured data

Structured data can be very useful by highlighting product size, price, and reviews in the search engine, which will improve click-through rates, thus also boosting the chances of sales.

6. Customer reviews

When on an eCommerce site, people are likely to get a thorough understanding of the product before deciding to buy. This includes both what you say about the product, as well as what previous customers have to say. If previous customers are satisfied with your products, new customers tend to purchase them too. This makes it very important for you to include customer reviews to each of your products to show how satisfactory and beneficial your product has been for people. Positive customer reviews help increase the product’s trustworthiness, thus increasing the chances for more sales.

7. Security

Security is of utmost importance when it comes to an eCommerce site because customers will hesitate to make online payments if they doubt the security of their details. This is why your eCommerce portal should be HTTPS secure to ensure that yours is a trusted website.

8. Website speed

Speed matters in everything today, and when it comes to the internet, nobody is going to wait any longer than 3 to 5 seconds for your page to load. If your page doesn’t load within 5 seconds, your visitors will certainly bounce back, and then may go to a competitor’s site. And, you certainly don’t want that, do you!?

9. Call to action buttons

There is a lot more that you may want customers to do, other than sharing. The basic call to action buttons on your site will certainly be “Buy” and “Add to cart”. But, other than that, you can also include other buttons like Subscribe, Sign up, Download, etc. Whatever you include, make sure your call-to-action buttons are properly placed and highlighted, while also keeping them simple and easy to understand.

10. Social sharing buttons

Just as much as customer reviews can bring in more interest from new visitors, sharing the product pages across various platforms can also increase exposure and awareness. Have your customers share your product links with their friends through social sharing buttons on your page, thus bringing in more traffic to your site.


With these 10 basic easy tips, you are certainly going to see significantly improved traffic and conversion rate on your site, until you approach a professional website development and digital marketing company, who can help with further detailed strategies on improving your portal.


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