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Many students often complain that they do not have enough time to finish all their tasks such as write my essay or homework after classes.

What if we tell you that you can be productive without wondering if someone will write my essay for me?

We have compiled a list of 10 helpful tips for you to plan your day with maximum productivity.

You can even find the best essay writing service for you with these tips.

Let’s get started.

Top 10 Tips To Be Productive All Day As A Student

  1. Plan Your Time

A day only has 24 hours in it and you need to plan each one of them. Excluding your classes, make a timetable for the whole day. That includes sleeping, eating, and other activities.

Once you know when you are doing what, you will have the exact idea of how much time you have for studying and assignments.

2. Create A Foolproof Routine

Now once you know how many hours you have in your hand, start planning. You can use a notebook or online calendar to jot down the routine. 

Allocate 30-60 minutes for a subject to study. Incorporate breaks in between and write them down. 

If you are thinking about I can set a time to do my essay, write it down too.

3. Know What To And When To Study 

This is important because if a test is coming up and you have to study for that test. Or you can plan one subject later in the day or skip it for a week. 

You can also decide that I will write my essay after lunch and will solve math problems in the morning. 

4. Study According To Your Cognitive Abilities

Our cognitive abilities decide our reaction to a specific topic at a specific time. It means some can study better in the morning while others may prefer a night routine. 

You have to take into account this fact as you have to schedule assignments or projects according to it. 

5. Stay Organized

Organizational skills are very crucial in managing your time, space, and productivity. So, always be prepared for the next task before you start the current work. 

For example, if you think I will do my essay first, check what is next in the schedule.

6. Use Blocks Of Time

Studies have shown that the human brain gets bored easily when exposed to the same content for long hours. To apply it in your studies means you need to take a break in between long study sessions. 

Or you can change subjects after breaks and resume the previous topics after some time. 

7. Have A Backup Plan For Emergencies

We are not perfect and neither is our schedule. 

So, it’s okay if we encounter some problems in between. But remember that not every day is the same. 

In this case, have an alternate plan ready or reschedule your task for the next day.

8. Dedicate A Workplace

This point is often overlooked. We only focus on what to study and when to study. But having a dedicated place or corner to study is important too. 

It will not only improve your concentration but will also reduce ambiguity in your schedule.

9. Minimize Distractions

Well, it is no use to plan the day to the T when you procrastinate doing something else.

A detailed daily planner will not help you if you don’t put in the efforts to avoid distractions like screen time, idle chitchat, or mindlessly browsing the internet. 

You need to set intentions as well.

10. Have Fun/Rest Planned As Well.

Having a productive day does not mean that you have to study every waking minute. 

You can enjoy fun activities like sports, spending time with friends, or watching your favorite shows. 

But keep in mind your goals and incorporate these activities in your planner as well.


So, here are the top 10 tips for having a productive day every day. Another tip is, if you are feeling overwhelmed writing your homework, you can delegate the task by finding the best essay writing service online. 

Hope this helps.


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