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After the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) came into force in May 2017, e liquid as we know it no longer existed. Gone were the days of larger bottles and all e liquids were only to be made available in 10ml bottles with the nicotine added to them. 

Manufacturers came up with a way of offering larger bottles to their customers and giving them the ability to add their own nicotine (in the form of 18mg nicotine shots) to make various strengths of e liquids. 

The term shortfill comes from the bottle being filled below capacity (or filled short). A 60ml bottle would generally be filled to 50ml, allowing one nicotine shots to be added giving a final strength of 3mg. An additional nicotine shot could be added which would dilute the flavour slightly, but give a final strength of 6mg. 

Shortfill bottles generally have a higher VG content, meaning they are best used in Sub Ohm vape devices. Mouth to lung shortfills have started to become popular on the market and contain a higher PG ratio making them more suitable for Pod vape devices and can be sometimes called longfills as they offer more space for nicotine shots to allow a higher final nicotine content. 

  • Mums Home Baked

Mums Home Baked are a UK e liquid brand that are becoming increasingly popular due to their budget friendly e liquids and wide range of flavours. The Mums Home Baked range is (as you would expect) predominantly dessert based e liquids offering such british classics as Bakewell Tart and Banoffee Pie. 

  • Rebellion

Produced by the same company who brought you Mums Home Baked, Rebellion is another e liquid range which offer great quality e liquid that doesn’t bust the bank. Rebellion is a range of fruit based e liquids with twist, such as Blue Smint Sabbotage (a mixture of Blueberry and Spearmint) or the customer favourite Revolutionberry (Blue Raspberry and Grape)

  • Vaper treats

Vaper Treats are an American e liquid brand and from the same creators that brought the world the Anarchist e liquid range. Focusing on American dessert & cereal flavours, these 100ml shortfill e liquids certainly pack a punch and are a great pick for someone with a sweet tooth. With customer favourites such as Cupcake Man (Strawberry frosted cupcake) and Cinnafun (cinnamon glazed pastry), you don’t need to worry about your diet when you have this juice in your device. 

  • Seriously Slushy

Seriously Slushy is a new range for 2021 by Doozy Vape Co. They crafted each of the 6 flavours from the ground up using their vast mixing knowledge and produced some absolute classics. As the name suggests, each e liquid in the range shares the same cool slushy base and mixes it with a delicious fruit mix. People have been going crazy for the Seriously Slushy Mixed Berries, with its delicious berry flavour paired with their great cooling base. 

  • Just Jam

Just Jam are another popular British e liquid brand that have created a jam themed line of e liquid. It doesn’t matter if you prefer your jam on scone, on toast, in a doughnut or in biscuit form, this range of 100ml shortfill e liquids has you covered. 

There are hundreds of brands available in the UK market for shortfill e liquids with almost every flavour you can imagine. It’s up to you to pick your favourite flavour profile – fruits, desserts, tobaccos, menthols or something completely different. Everyone’s flavour palette is unique and only you can decide what the best flavour is for you.


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