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You can feel or notice something sophisticated and modern about sliding glass doors, but you always wonder how to lock them. The primary reason is you can not open and close them like a latched door or a regular one. For this reason, you have to know about the different available types of sliding glass door locks. So, be careful while choosing a sliding glass door lock to keep your home safe.

As security is everyone’s prime concern, you must know the functions and designs you can have as a newbie. You should know what to expect from them, and also their pros and cons are essential to make the right choice and you can also save some money. You can get to know about all the types of sliding glass door locks here:

Double Bolt Lock

This type is well-known due to its protection and quality. You can install it by jam and it intact by interlocking bolts. They are inexpensive as a sliding door lock and also very easy to use for anyone. You can hire a professional and commercial locksmith in Oak Park to install it if you do not know exactly how to install it.

They are made of very high-grade metal and are very easy to install even at a high location of sliding doors. So, it will be safe from children’s reach. The main reason to install this lock at a height is that it will be safe, and no one will be able to lift or detach it from the outside.

Mortise Lock

Mortise locks are prevalent and useful locks for sliding doors. Although, approximately all of the sliding doors come with a mortise lock. It sits in a pocket of the sliding door that makes it invisible from afar look.

There are also some categories on mortise locks like a prime line c1225. It works as a non-lock, and you have to turn the latch up and down. It provides excellent security because it is made from alloy steel that is durable, entirely impenetrable, and easy to install. You can put the mortise lock having a white finish on any color of the door.

Keyed Lock

The keyed locks are best to operate the sliding door from both sides, whether from inside or outside. They are incredibly useable to mount into the pre-built knockout hole of the door. The manufacturers primarily use diecast iron for keyed locks to make them durable for a very long time. 

They are primarily available in non-handed styles, flush-mounted, and with a hook. It is the best type to replace hook-style locks and flush mounts. 

Thumb Turn Lock

You can compare it with mortise and hook-style locks because it also has hooks that you can use to connect it with the frame. It has a latch that infuses into the handle, making it different from the other locks. Moreover, anyone can easily reach it to lock the door. It will be easy for you to get the service of lock repair and replacement in Oak Park to mount this lock.

Most of the time, homeowners use it to mount on the wooden handle of the two-way universal glass door. It has features to pull it from inside with a thumb turn.

Loop Lock

It helps slide door locks because it’s an aftermarket door lock that locates on the top location of the door. Most of the time, they are on the interior door that provides a lot of security to the door; that’s why you can also call it a defender security lock. Its chrome-plated type is very sturdy and has child-safe security with a steel bar and diecast aluminum base. It comes with a variety of capacities that will be helpful for you.

Spring Loaded Patio Locks

You can mount them on either the bottom or top parts of the sliding doors. It has a plate that connects with the frame, and it has another significant component that connects with the door. Its spring loads to the different slots after pulling it. Spring-loaded patio locks need to be drilled in, so; you should be careful if you live in rental apartments.

It has a double lock that provides extra security that prevents lifting it out of the tracks. The door will be locked even when it is slightly open or in a closed position. You can put a thousand pounds of pressure on it.

Track Locks

Another sliding door lock is a track lock. These locks are a considerable choice when installing them on sliding doors because there is no need for drilling. You can mount them on the rails of the sliding doors tightly. They act as a blockade for every movement when you mount them tightly against the rails. The track locks are favorable for sliding doors because it has a sturdy construction. 

Track locks are made of brushed nickel. You can also install a track plunger that makes it keyless and easy to use. They also do not take a lot of space.

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