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You have decided to dump your long-time friend into the dustbin. It sounds! But before you do that, think who you will welcome into your home. It must be better than what you already have. What could be a smarter idea than welcoming a smart box? Oh, no, it’s not a bulky box like your old chap but a slim beauty. How spacious is your flat? If it is not a sprawling apartment, an LG 32 inch smart TV will suffice. So, buy it and bid adieu to your old companion with respect. 

The question now boils down to what could be the best from the bracket? A 32-inch smart TV is almost like a heartthrob of nomadic urban living in a tight space. And when it comes from LG, frenzies never die. Here are two top-of-the-class LG 32 inch smart televisions worth your hard-earned pennies. 

LG 32LB563B PTC LED Smart TV, 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready

It is definitely one of the best offers for budget-conscious buyers. Its standard HD-ready resolution (1366×768 Hz) in combination with a moderate refresh rate of 50Hz produces an excellent display. It is HDR technology that sets this lg 32 inch smart tv apart from many 32-inch display units that don’t support HDR content. 

The LG model produces better contrast and a wider range of colors. Pitch-dark blacks and glistening whites create more starkness in contrast and clarity in detail. The dynamic color enhancer ensures a richer viewing experience. 

This LG 32 inch variant can upscale low-resolution images to generate a vivid display. With the new-age technology combo, you will experience lifelike colors and more details in images. With an IPS panel, the unit offers a 178-degree viewing angle, meaning that you can enjoy vivid views at almost any position. 

Sound output is only 10W, which is lower than what others in the 32-inch segment are offering. The brand, however, incorporates a few technologies (DTS Virtual X and Dolby Audio system) to compensate for its poor audio quality and produce an improved sound output. 

The LG 32 inch smart TV unit incorporates some pretty good smart features. A lag-free watching experience is possible due to a combo of Quad-core processors and Web OS interphase. The smart feature makes screen sharing possible, facilitates access to the cloud for images and videos, and allows multitasking. You can watch TV and browse the internet simultaneously through screen splitting. 

The television unit has 2 USB ports and 2 HDMI ports to connect external devices. The model does not come with LG’s signature magic remote. You have to operate it with a standard remote. However, there is no scope for comparing as you cannot expect all the BEST features and functions at a budget-friendly price. 

LG 32LK526BPTA LED TV, 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready (Black)

It is another HD-ready TV from the den of LG. The model features 1366 x 768 pixels resolution, which is quite a standard. It comes with various modes such as Cinema, Cricket, etc to facilitate customization of audio and video. It also features a Live Zoom Model that allows you to zoom in on details from live programs. 

Equipped with an IPS panel, the LG 32 inch smart TV offers a wider viewing angle up to 178 degrees. The unit produces 20 Watts audio output. The brand has incorporated Dolby Digital Plus Technology to enable surround sound technology. Switch to Bollywood Mode for higher vividness and bass and enjoy the theatre-like ambiance at your home. 

The TV comes with 1 USB port and 2 HDMI ports to let you connect external devices. It also features an FM radio option. On the whole, these are only the basic features. However, when it comes to performance, most of you will give it a ‘GOOD’ rating especially after considering the little sum you spend on it. 

LEG OLED Televisions – Entertainment Unlimited  

Do you have a high budget for TV purchases? Don’t limit yourself to the LED displays. A far better viewing experience is now possible, thanks to OLED technology. LG has already started exploring the high-end tech revolution to evolve people’s TV watching experience. In fact, they claim OLED is the technology of the 21st century and other elite brands echo the same. 

It seems every leading name in the television industry is jumping onto the bandwagon of making OLED TV.        OLED tv is a giant leap from LED and offers more possibilities to explore. 

Followings are some of the smart features of OLED televisions:

  • Infinitely improved contrast with respect to LED
  • More features and functions for a richer entertainment experience 
  • Producing truly original colors 
  • OLED 8K making pictures look more real and detailed 

Don’t look beyond Bajaj Finserv EMI Store if you need a financial cushion to support your smart TV purchase. They approve quick cash flow to make sure you miss out on nothing and don’t have to pay through your nose. When was entertainment so much exciting but affordable, can you remember? 

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