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The hot weather sometimes poses a challenge for the professional, how to dress up formally and still be comfortable during the summer season. You can say professional attire may seem odd in weather conditions. This is the main reason why offices pump the A/C high in the summer season. Dressing down or less may not be a norm in the offices anywhere, but still, there are ways to beat the summer heat and still remain within the office code. Summer clothes can be worn according to formal office code and you still feel comfortable in the hot summer weather.

In this article, we are discussing how we can make our office dressing comfortable during the summer season.

Try to change the mood of your clothing:

In the summer season you can change the mood of your clothing, and try to use Capri, Skirts in different colors, and cotton and Linen shirts with half sleeves. You can also add the sandals in the outfit, try to avoid shoes and boots in the summer season, as it can make you uncomfortable. The changing mood of clothing can make you comfortable during the summer season, and it looks totally formal in your office setting. You know the business would allow a little bit of freedom during the summer season as you can’t wear coats and ties during the summer season. For women skirts and sandals are acceptable in any office setting. You can use the closed toes of sandals in place of open toes as they look more formal.

Wear light colors and lightweight and play with your accessories:

Try to wear white and light colors during the summer season as these colors are best for the summer season and keep you cool. Avoid darker colors as these colors would absorb more heat energy and you would feel more uncomfortable in the darker colors. You also have to test the weight of the clothes, the clothes through which you can see light are simply lightweight clothes, and these clothes make you comfortable.

 You can also wear accessories like vests, watches, and pendant necklaces, or neck chains over your vest around the neck. You can also wear the needed layered Necklace to take the thing to another level and look stylish and smart in the office setting.

Ditch the sleeves of your shirt:

Most of the offices allow ditching the sleeves, and workers of all genders can wear the half sleeves shirts during the office in the summer season. Summer clothes may become a little comfortable to wear during the summer season. Sometimes in informal settings, the female staff is allowed to wear a sleeveless shirt during the office especially in summer. It is considered acceptable for women to go sleeveless in front of customers. There are plenty of clothes available for the women in half sleeves and sleeveless staples.

When you feel Doubt…..Ask:

When you feel doubt regarding any office dressing code, ask the management, as every office may have its own unique dressing code. It is better to dress according to the office code, for your job it is not better to violate the office dressing code.


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