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Before getting into the details of awake craniotomy, let’s briefly understand the meaning of craniotomy and during what medical conditions this process is carried out to cure a patient? There are innumerable medical conditions in the human brain that are often cured surgically by the process known as craniotomy. In this process, a part of an overlapping of the skull is removed for the better and proper functioning of the brain. Many times, a blockage might occur in the brain. During such conditions, the bone flap of the brain is surgically removed for the better functioning of the brain and that gives access to the brain. There are many craniotomy surgery doctors in India who have carried out many successful surgical operations for a long time. 

There are many diseases or dysfunctionalities related to the human brain that could be cured using this technique or surgical process. A person might think, how come opening an area of the brain helps in the surgery? It helps the medical experts by giving them access to the brain of a person. By this process, one can easily remove any kind of tumor or other places that are affected in the brain area. Soon after the surgery to nullify the removed bone, medical experts put wires or plates in the area for the better functioning of the same and quick recovery.

A craniotomy is mostly performed, if a person is suffering from the below-mentioned diseases: 

  • Nerve Pain or Facial Pain
  • Brain Tumour 
  • Head Injury of any kind
  • Brain Hemorrhage
  • Any Tissue Damage in the brain 
  • Epilepsy

It is therefore always recommended to get expert advice or help before making any move for a craniotomy surgery. There are quite a few hospitals for craniotomy in India like Medanta – Gurgaon, Fortis Memorial Research Institute – Gurgaon, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital – Mumbai, and many more. 

Insights on Awake Craniotomy – An Overview

Let’s start by understanding the meaning of the term ‘awake craniotomy’. This means a patient who is undergoing a particular brain surgery has to stay awake at some portions of the surgical process deliberately. To understand the repercussions of the surgery, it becomes important for the patient to stay awake and be alert of what exactly they are feeling inside the brain. There is a specific condition when a person will not be given general or full-body anesthesia for brain surgery. 

If a person is getting treated for any disease in a part of the brain that is near the eyes or the same is being performed for the betterment of movement of speech, then the person has to stay awake during the procedure. There is another aspect of awake craniotomy and that is, since most of the bodily functions are carried out by the brain, doctors want to perform the surgery while the patient is awake to understand the reaction of that surgery that might take place in the patient’s body. Craniotomy treatment cost in India ranges from Rs. 3,25,000 to Rs. 5,25,000 and that for awake craniotomy is Rs. 3,56,400 to Rs. 4,30,650. 

An additional piece of information that one should be well-aware of is that even diseases like Parkinson’s disease could be surgically cured or treated by this process. Therefore, awake craniotomy is one of the most practiced surgical processes for the brain. 

Possibilities and Benefits of Awake Craniotomy

Many a time, a tumor or some other outgrowth takes place in a position of the brain which is near to the places of the brain, that controls the vision, speech, and other related things of a person. In such a situation, awake craniotomy surgery helps a lot. It is beneficial in removing the affected parts of tumors from the brain in the safest way possible. Mapping the nerves of the brain becomes way easier in this process. To get a clearer picture of the situation, the patients with a tumor in the frontal, as well as the temporal lobe, are often eligible to undergo this surgical process. 

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