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Matlab or Matrix Laboratory is a high-level programming language that came in around the 1970s. It is one of the fourth-generation programming languages, including Python, SQL, etc. Fourth-generation languages are basically the programming languages that are much more identical to the normal language. The Matlab programming language allows working with matrix, algorithms, and implementation of functions. It is also used for creating applications and user interfaces. Matlab is a highly interactive and user-friendly programming language that suits the requirements of the fourth generation.


Matlab can be used by established as well as aspiring programmers to design and create innovative programs. Matlab allows programmers to create new and efficient designs. These applications can be manipulated as per the user’s needs. Professional programmers can use Matlab to design applications easily through simple methods. 


Matlab is an easy-to-learn programming language for beginners as well as learned professionals and engineers. It allows users to write intermediate-level programs. It takes a minimum of 2 weeks to learn Matlab. In fact, it can prove to be a great choice for beginners to start MATLAB programming. Having a basic idea about programming with Matlab can help beginning programmers to gain confidence and proceed with complex programming languages. 


  • High-level language:

Matlab is a high-level programming language with an orientation towards a matrix. It is high-performance software that allows working swiftly with algorithms, graphics, and data analysis. It further facilitates the development of scientific technology-driven models and applications. Working out mathematical calculations and data analysis get much easier with Matlab.

  • Abundant support Library:

Matlab has a huge library of blocks. These blocks can be accessed anytime through the Matlab toolbar. Having a huge library allows Matlab users to insert pre-existing blocks into the models. The block libraries simplify the designing process. The ease that this software offers in designing is one of the reasons for its popularity among programmers as well as engineers from mechanical and electrical backgrounds.

  • Language compatibility:

Matlab, like other high-level programming languages such as python, is compatible with a series of programming languages. This signifies that Matlab designs can be run and executed in other languages easily. It offers compatibility with python, C, C++, FORTRAN, Java, etc. Languages that offer compatibility with other programming languages feature among the most popular languages. Compatibility with other languages makes Matlab one of the most popular programming languages.

  • Graphics:

Graphics are one of the strongest elements of Matlab. Matlab uses high as well as low-level commands to operate a graphical setup. It also facilitates the operation of 2D and 3D elements. The graphical visualization function in Matlab makes it the top choice for programming languages among scientists and engineers. It is used widely for developing GUI-based applications.

  • User friendly:

Apart from executing user-friendly programs, Matlab is also a user-friendly platform. It can be learned within weeks. It is easy to learn like python, which is also a high-level language. The only difference in both languages is that Matlab is a matrix-based language. But both languages are significantly user-friendly and interactive.


Owing to the above-mentioned features, Matlab becomes a high utility development software. It allows the users to create innovative and futuristic programs and models. Uses of Matlab are taken into account in this segment.

  • Innovation:

Unlike other programming languages that are used to design general applications and websites, Matlab is used to design new and innovative models. These models reflect the latest ideas and techniques that are being brought into the technology landscape. This innovation is possible due to the futuristic approach of the software, which encompasses easy graphics, algorithms, and data analyzing, and calculative operations.

  • Learning standard procedures:

Working with Matlab provides the engineers and developers with a priceless opportunity to deal with complex mathematical problems. It fetches tremendous knowledge for engineers and programmers in the field of scientific mathematical calculations. The knowledge gained from Matlab designing can be applied to other fields of engineering. This is an indisputable secondary benefit of working with Matlab.

  • Algebraic operations: 

Matlab is known for its speedy matrix calculations through the application of algebra. Solving basic operations in algebra gets easier in Matlab. It uses functions like solve and roots to solve linear expressions in algebra. 

  • Imaging :

Matlab is extensively used for imaging purposes. It facilitates plotting in two and three dimensions. This graphical setup can be manipulated according to the user’s needs. The graphical visualization feature makes Matlab a top-performing programming language. It is widely used for developing GUI-based applications. It generates high-quality images by implementing matrix techniques to the image pixels.


Matrix provides an edge over other programming languages. It is easy to use, is user-friendly, compatible with other language platforms, has workable graphics features, works on matrix, and allows writing code in a combination of m, java, and c. Also, It is extensively used by machine scientists to execute algorithms and create human resembling machine designs. These designs include robots and other such gadgets. Matlab also provides a futuristic purview into the field of graphics and algorithm analysis.

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