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What Is NSO?

NSO full form is “National Science Olympiad”. This is an exam that is taken at school times at national and international levels. It has its eligibility criteria under which students can apply for it. Students from 1st to 12th grade can appear in this exam. This exam includes the basic things that you need to prepare and you can qualify for it if you will be well prepared for it. This exam is taken in most of the countries and multi-languages so that it should be easy for the students to put in their best without any language problem.

What Are The Subjects For NSO?

There are no specific subjects for the national science Olympiad test. It includes all the subjects we study in general. You need to prepare well for these tests in case if you want to prepare well. The subject that will be included in this subject:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Computer science
  • General knowledge
  • History

These are the subjects you have to prepare. Results will depend on the hard work you put in. Other than this Urdu or Hindi can also be included as a subject in this test.

When and Where NSO Held?

The exam takes place in most countries and both in public and private places. NSO exams are held on the third Sunday of January every year. This exam is administered by various organizations such as the science Olympiad foundation (SOF), HBCSE (home baba center for science education), and SVF (silver version foundation).

Benefits Of NSO

As discussed before NSO full form is the Science Olympiad. It is held to provide students with many educational benefits. These include:

  • The main motto of these exams is to find hidden talent among students. It extracts talented students and provides them with good educational benefits.
  • The main structure of these exams is based on competitiveness. So the students need the best motivation to compete in this exam.
  • These exams like NSO are designed to boost up the confidence of students and their parents once they perform well. It encourages the student to put their best in the future.
  • To pass this exam you need to improve your understanding. No root learning will be available here so you need to understand everything properly.
  • If you appear in the NSO exam then your knowledge will improve automatically. This will help you out when you will be at higher standards.

Possible Outcomes From NSO Exams

  1. Students will be talented at school levels.
  2. They score well at every standard.
  3. NSO exams can build up a strong mindset of students.
  4. This will let them judge their level of competition whether they can compete at international levels or not.
  5. NSO exam is very helpful like it will enable you to appear in IIT and JEE exams in the future.


Some Other NSO Full Forms:

NSO Full Form in Space Science:

NSO full form in Astronomy & Space Science is “National Solar Observatory”.

NSO Full Form in Music & Entertainment

NSO Full Form in Music & Entertainment is “National Symphony Orchestra”.

NSO Full From in Government Departments:

NSO Full From in Government Departments is “National Statistical Office”.

Apart from this, there are many other NSO full forms which are listed below

All NSO Full Forms:

  • New Store Opening
  • Nevada Site Office
  • Nuclear Safe Orbit
  • Natural Spin Orbital
  • Nuclear Support Office
  • Network Security Officer


NSO exams are taken in the January of every year and numerous students internationally participate in them. This exam is taken in most of the countries to extract talented students and enable them to realize that how competitive they are. It enables them to build up their mindset and study well to get good results in this exam.

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