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When you spend a lot of time online, several headlines emphasize the importance of “detoxifying” your skin. The detox process is applicable to all aspects of the person’s life, including friends, family, and work.

Detoxification has become overused. In the same way that health and wellness trends are seen as genuine, skin detoxing is a legitimate trend. A closer inspection may reveal that some things are not as they seem.

Do you know what the word “detox” really means?

Toxins are essentially removed from our bodies by detoxification. Environment, diet, and lifestyle choices can impact your well-being, as can external factors. You have several organs that can remove harmful substances on your own. The most important of these are your lungs, liver, kidneys, and intestines. Nonetheless, many people continue to embark on juice cleanses and fad diets in order to detox.

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Why does this matter to your skin?

The trend has been influential within the beauty industry while also encouraging detoxification. So what do these terms really mean?

It is believed by some people that you can “purge” your skin of all the ‘bad’ stuff that has built up in it since it is the largest organ in your body. However, this is not possible. Skin detox, according to a certified dermatologist, does not have a medical term.

When you protect it from pollution and UV rays, which can contaminate it, you can limit the effects of environmental toxins.

The outermost layer of skin can be thinned due to these factors as well as poor nutrition, frequent cleaning, and exfoliation. Also known as the stratum corneum, the stratum corneum forms the skin’s barrier. By preventing substances from damaging the skin, it prevents premature aging.

How come the word “detox” appears on skin care products?

It is here where most of the duping occurs. The skin, according to Dr. Frey contains toxins, which are believed to harm the body. However, that’s not the case.

In many cases, skin care products that claim to detoxify don’t specify which toxins they are supposed to remove. Using a charcoal mask, for instance, may leave your skin feeling smoother and cleaner. Nevertheless, the mask does not do much beyond that.

Because the skin is unable to remove toxins physically, no product can physically remove them. By using products that contain antioxidants, you can reduce the damage to the environment. These products cannot, however, remove substances from the body that are harmful. It is rather the free radicals themselves that are inhibited or removed that are the reason for the damage.

Final thoughts

You probably already know that detoxification means something different than what you think. Taking care of your skin and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help you maintain an even complexion. Is there a risk of it not working?
If you want to achieve results, seek help from a dermatologist who fits your budget rather than wasting money on products that may not be effective.





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