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The job market is booming again after the post Covid19 times. However, millions of people have lost their jobs. In some cases, the entire career of people has gone into the bin. It is because of loss of funds or job opportunities in their sector. However, one sector that has emerged as a lifesaver is Digital Marketing is a Good Career.

Let’s first understand what digital marketing is and then hop onto different types of digital marketing you can learn. Later, check out different reasons why you should choose digital marketing in 2021.

What is Digital Marketing?

The art of enhancing online presence and building different ways through which customers can engage with your products comes under digital marketing. Further, digital marketing encompasses a different set of skills to improve the scope of your online business or brand.

Furthermore, the field of digital marketing is flexible, versatile, and highly competitive that offers life-changing exposure to a brand or a business. In short, digital marketing pushes the overall growth of your business such that it becomes the mouthpiece of people.

Few Types of Digital Marketing

Here are a few types of digital marketing that you should learn about. Make sure you go through all of them to know which could serve you the best. Read on.

  • Email marketing

  • PPC

  • SMM

  • SEO

  • Mobile marketing

  • E-commerce

  • Content management

These are just a few digital marketing types. There are many more that can push your online business to achieve greater heights.

Key Points to Choose Digital Marketing in 2021

High Demand

With the growth in internet users, the demand for online consumers is growing by many folds. To meet up the needs, the demand for digital marketers to create online presence for different brands is increasing immensely.

Hence, it would be a wise decision to choose digital marketing in 2021. There is no limit to what you can achieve. According to a recent report, the success rate of getting a job is more than 95%. Therefore, it seems that digital marketing offers plenty of scope to professionals to have a bright future.

Better Growth

If you think that the field of digital marketing has a little upward mobility, you should think again. Since this field recently came into existence, the rules and regulations are very few. Plenty of possibilities are still yet to discover that give more way to personal and professional growth.

One of the most important points is that you don’t need a degree to work as a digital marketer. Rather, it is your skill that matters the most. However, you need to be diligent to invest long hours to work. Over time, you might end up preparing a marketing pitch for mega brands.

More Career Options

Digital marketing has become mainstream with the coming of new technologies every day. Hence, with it, the range of roles that you can have no end to it. A more interesting fact is that every role is similar to the other. Therefore, it ends any type of hierarchy emerging in marketing.

Being a digital marketing offers you plenty of options to go with various domains at the same time. You can be a content creator and digital marketer at the same time. This gives you an option to move between varying domains without changing or earning more skills.

Higher Salary Package

Since the demand is never-ending, bigger brands are willing to pay more for the deserving candidate. With that said, it can be a luxurious trade to pursue if you want to earn more money. Not just that, plenty of bigger brands are willing to offer various other perks to Digital Marketing is a Good Career who bring instant results.

Hence, you might end up earning a good salary package once you have decent experience and skills. Moreover, your worth increases when your results speak louder on your resume. Hence, there seems no upper limit to what you can earn as a digital marketer.

Work From Home

Covid 19 pushes people to stay at their homes or follow social distancing. It might have helped in curbing the virus, however, it surely did minimizes opportunities for rising talents. However, digital marketing still saw positive growth because of its ability to work from home.

You should have a laptop and a decent internet connection to work from home. Thus, you can have all those perks and benefits right from the comfort of your house. Hence, you not just follow rules but also earn more money.


All the above-mentioned points rightfully justify that you should choose digital marketing as a career in 2021. It will surely push your career to greater heights without risking your growth over time. Just make sure you have the required skills as per your field.

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