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salmon DNA Contents in “Pure Hyaluronic Acid” and “Salmon” by DNA molecules extracted from the sperm, provides skin cell renewal. In addition, it creates an instant rejuvenation effects. The search for new skin rejuvenation are resulted in the introduction of the trusted protocols. Recently, the results from the combined approach provides more satisfaction and effective result has been obtained. The combined remedy approach is completely new and a fresh generation of extremely high potency “Bio-revitalization INTERACTIVE PROGRAM” was created.

New Generation Animation program Biological BIOGENEVITY; “Hyaliapas” and “Nucliapas A”, are composed of two phases.

HYALIAPHAS A, at a concentration of 20% and molecular weight 1,000,000 daltons, can be injected visco elastic hyaluronic acid solution.

In case the NUCLIAPHAS 7.5 mg / ml concentration can be injected comes from salmon sperm DNA molecule. Both phases through skin moisture gain. Old skin increases metabolic activity. With increasing skin vascular endothelial growth factor escalates the blood flow. In this way, regional oxygenation accelerates.

Is guided over substantial amounts of water molecules, increases endogenous hyaluronic acid. Free radicals are cleaned intensively. Fibroblasts, provides increased collagen production. Formation of blood vessels is promoted to a big extent. Furthermore, protection against damage caused by UV radiation is provided.

Application Procedure

Two stage as applied in the first step of this procedure developed every 15 days HYALIAPHAS is made of a very extreme hydration process. In nuclıaphase applied in another phase of fourteen days; “SALMON FISH” DNA molecules extracted from the sperm is injected in to the skin. Fifth week to acquire sufficient and optimal humidification NUCLIAPHAS application is made to be in a way that again fourteen days prior HYALIAPHAS implementation. If desired, where dry skin applied shock therapy. The shock therapy; Leaving for 15 days in addition to them is applied 3 x and three times HYALIPHAS NUCLIAPHAS. Protocols to the planned completion of the entire cycle, to be able to keep an optimum level of results, repeated every 90 days is recommended.

After application

Patients observations after every administration of your skin is a little more alive and more youthful skin a wake each morning. Salmon DNA in your skin reason behind this effect has been demonstrated in the results of scientific research. Research ends up with the “SALMON FISH” diminishing in human sperm binding proteins have had the opportunity to complete the data that the best source.

An intensively regenerating mask enriched with PDRN (a distinctive ingredient extracted from salmon’s DNA that stimulates collagen production while accelerating scar repair at a cellular level) for ultimate skin recovery, wound healing and fading acne scarring. This bio-cellulose sheet mask is made up of super-thin natural fiber that snugs that person perfectly to provide maximum nourishing ingredients and it is infused with mending minerals to strengthen the skin barrier against sensitivity and irritation.

Active ingredients within this restoring mask:

✔ PDRN – Spurs cell growth and tissue regeneration
✔ Sodium Hyaluronate – Effective in holding on to moisture helping skin to hydrate
✔ Centella Asiatica Extract – Strengthens skin, increases elasticity, and assists in wound recovery.
✔ Spirulina Platensis Extract – Supports skin cell proliferation, wound healing and tissue regeneration.
✔ Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Flower Extract – Moisturises and soothes skin


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