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We’re thinking that collecting ageing receivables isn’t one of your favorite tasks, whether you’re a business owner, an accounts receivable manager, or simply the person in charge of recovering your company’s overdue commercial debt. Pursuing outstanding debt is never fun or easy, which is why so many firms put it off, resulting in bad cash flow and a sick bottom line. However, one of your main concerns should be collecting your unpaid commercial and business-to-business debt.

Why is managing accounts receivable such a time-consuming task?

Because time is money when it comes to your chances of recovery. The collectability of delinquent business (B2B) debt collection agency drops dramatically the longer the account is open, as seen in the graph below.

Commercial Debt collection that is completed on time can enhance cash flow, reducing the risk of losses and freeing up resources for firms. Time and money are two essential elements for any business. It is critical that you should not squander them on commercial debt collection.

As you can see, the longer you wait to pursue an overdue account, the lower the chance of collection becomes. So it’s evident that taking action on your outstanding commercial receivables as soon as feasible is in your company’s best interests. As a result, we recommend assigning a dedicated person of your staff to follow up on your aging accounts receivables and scheduling a certain time each week to do so.

Piece of Advice

Keep a record of every collection call you make with a company that has a late account. Record the date and time of the discussion, as well as who you spoke with. If a payment plan was agreed upon, write down the terms and schedule for when the account will be paid in full. You will have a much clearer view of your business’s future cash flow and a better grasp of your accounts receivable as a whole if you keep this information on file.

Recovering a commercial debt

Likewise, how long should you try to recover a commercial debt with your own collection team? When is it time to hire a professional to handle your accounts receivable management? Businesses often pursue outstanding debts internally for 90 to 120 days (when the chances of recovery are highest) before outsourcing the account to a third-party collection agency. When a debt is past due for more than three or four months, it is typical for businesses to refer the account to a professional commercial debt collection firm. Many collection agencies, on the other hand, advise firms to turn over overdue accounts as quickly as possible to increase their chances of recovery.

So, take a proactive strategy to debt collection and don’t put off collecting your unpaid commercial and business-to-business receivables for too long. Whether you decide to pursue past-due accounts internally or use a professional debt collection firm, keep in mind that time is of the essence. The longer you put off your collection efforts, the less likely it is that you will be paid. Take charge of your receivables right now!

Several advantages to employing a collecting agency;

Hiring a b2b collection agency is a wise option that will benefit your business in numerous ways. They allow you to focus on strategic business difficulties while removing financial concerns and responsibilities from your plate. They are well-trained and equipped to handle your company’s debt collection issues.

They understand the significance of time and will work with you to complete your due commitments on time. As a result, you may concentrate on other elements of your business while they collect the money owed to you. If you hire a collection agency, you may rest assured that you will get outstanding results.

When all else fails, the creditor may need to enlist the help of a commercial collection agency, which is both required and advisable. Hiring a collection agency is advised because it allows the creditor to recover payments without hampering the debtor’s relationship by initiating a lawsuit.

Furthermore, many b2b debt collection agencies are founded with a single objective in mind: to make the debt collection procedure as painless as possible.

This demonstrates that they have the required resources, employees, and experience to deal with troublesome debtors.

The creditor also won’t have to worry about the debtor leaving or refusing to answer the phone because the collection agency will handle everything. All of this will be handled by the agency’s experts, leaving the company’s owner to focus on their core business.

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