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Vipassana Meditation – In this world of push-button pleasures and declining attention span, it is a bit harder to take some time off and focus on yourself. With social media ruling our lives and smartphones becoming our new friends, there is no doubt that stress and anxiety are wreaking havoc on everyone’s health. Including yoga meditation into your daily routine leaves a positive impact on your life.

However, with time meditation has evolved into different styles. Each of these provides you with a new way to enjoy life. One of these is Vipassana meditation which helps you connect with the divine. Come, let us find out a bit more about this powerful meditative technique.

Vipassana Meditation – A Brief Introduction

Discovered by Siddhartha Gautama, also known as Gautama Buddha, Vipassana meditation is a powerful technique to help you observe and understand your mind. This is also a scientific technique that is open to people from all backgrounds and faith. Yoga experts recommend you should join the best Vipassana Meditation Centers In India to reap the benefits of this meditation style.

Vipassana is the practice of purifying and ridding your subtle mind of all the negativity that causes pain and suffering.

However, do you know how old this meditation technique really is? Read below to know the answer.

The History Of Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana meditation came into existence 2500 years ago. It was discovered by Gautama Buddha who attained Nirvana (enlightenment) at the age of 80. After this, the technique was lost over several centuries.

Later, it was emperor Ashoka who had taken up Buddhism after the war of Kalinga and who became a big proponent of Vipassana. He sent teachers towards South-East Asia which consists of Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Laos to teach this meditation technique to as many people as possible.

The purity of Vipassana meditation existed amongst a handful of people in Burma who handed this knowledge down from teacher to student, generation after generation. You should enroll in the certified 200 RYT programs to know more about Vipassana meditation.

Who Shared the Knowledge Of Vipassana Meditation With The Modern World?

S.N Goenka (1924-2013) who was born in the Hindu business community in Burma learned the Vipassana meditation technique from his teacher, Sayagi U Ba Khin. Ba Khin was also the first accountant general of Burma.

However, Mr. Goenka realized the potential that Vipassana meditation had to help people around the world. He returned to India in 1969 and started teaching this meditation technique to the people of India. This decision of Mr. Goenka ensured that Vipassana came back to the place from where it originated 2500 years ago.

However, there is a lot more than Vipassana does than help you realize the true nature of your being.

Life-Changing Benefits Of Vipassana Meditation

Yoga experts have come up with some major benefits of this ancient meditation technique. Given below are some life-changing benefits of daily meditation practice.

1. Know Yourself

The final goal of Vipassana is self-liberation. The state of liberation is that of complete awareness and recognition of your true nature. It is only possible when you quieten the mind, cut-off the ego’s attachment with the physical world including your identity with the physical body. Enrolling in certified vipassana meditation centers in India can help you achieve that goal.

2. Improves Concentration

The practice of Vipassana requires you to focus on the tip of your nose. This simple practice requires a lot of focus. However, with constant repetition, you develop the discipline and are able to focus your mind on the practice. In the long run, this helps you keep the mind focused on the present moment instead of running towards the past or future.

3. Empowers Non-Judgment and Detachment

Perhaps, the best advantage of doing meditation is its ability to empower you. Since you learn to discipline and control your mind, it also improves your inner strength to face tough situations in life.

With time, you develop a sense of detachment and non-judgment regarding the world around you. You realize that life is not hard and that your ego creates problems. Enrolling in a certified 200 RYT would help you understand everything about Vipassana.

There it is! The complete guide to help you understand the what and how of the Vipassana technique.


Although Vipassana meditation might be an ancient meditation technique it still does a lot to help you rise above the drama of the human ego. You should enroll in certified vipassana meditation centers in India to learn everything about this magical technique.

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